Old grads look back fondly on their college days for any number of reasons: the late-night bull sessions, the stern but kindly profs, the keg parties, the football games. But college food? Not a happy memory: mystery meat, rubber eggs, ptomaine tuna salad. Ashland University is out to change all that.

The school, in Ashland, Ohio, has won a national prize for best college food service three years running, and it's capitalizing on that distinction in its new mailing to prospective students. Since early February, it has sent chocolate-chip cookies to 20,000 high-school seniors, along with an invitation to a campus tour and free lunch at the school food court. Executive Admissions Director Carl Gerbasi says the mailing "is the most exciting thing I've ever been involved in." Wrestling coach Tom Lindner isn't as thrilled. His athletes have had a hard time making weight since the food court opened.

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