As the days grow longer and the mercury rises, an executive's fancy turns to leisure. And when the work clothes come off, you'll find all sorts of versatile new casual wear to put on. Whether you're a weekend duffer, a serious hiker, or a water bug, there's plenty of good-looking, well-made sports apparel. Much of it embraces high-tech design and the latest in synthetic fibers, all to help keep you comfortable in the summer elements. Bright colors and textured fabrics spice up classic blazers and dresses for the games you play at night.


Gone are the days of loud plaids and plus fours. Golf clothing now is chic, almost indistinguishable from classy casual wear. Yet it's more functional than ever. Sturdy knits enhance durability. Treated all-cotton jackets repel water. And, borrowing from sneaker technology, shoes are lighter, with air-cushioned heels for support.


The adoption of lightweight microfiber materials has been a boon to rugged outdoor clothes. These superfine polyesters breathe and feel like natural fibers but offer wind and water resistance.


Stretch tanks and cotton trunks are still the favorites. This year's versions sport neon colors and jazzy South Seas prints. But the real innovation is in footwear, which has evolved from rubber thongs to a variety of stretchy water slippers that hug and protect the feet.


Summer dress-up clothes should be relaxed and not unduly clingy. With its tuxedo front and full skirt, the cotton pique halter dress shown here takes styling cues from the 1950s. The three-button linen sport coat has a loose, easy fit but is half-lined to maintain shape.


Man-tailored sleepwear in luxurious silks and cottons never goes out of style. It's the perfect garb to wrap yourself in at the end of a long, hard day of play.

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