NHB and L&T FIN CP :India Money Markets

Following is a table showing commercial paper reported by Companies.The data has been provided by Trust Financial Consultancy Services,SPA Securities Ltd,Mata Securities India Pvt Ltd And,NVS Brokerage Ltd.

Date           Security      Mty Date   Qty   Rate Buyer         Contributor
26-Apr-12      SBI GLOBAL    31-May-12  25    9.65 PRAMERICA MF  LKPS
26-Apr-12      SBI GLOBAL    31-May-12  25    9.65 SUND MF       LKPS
26-Apr-12      SBI GLOBAL    31-May-12  50    9.65 DSP MF        LKPS
26-Apr-12      L&T FIN       Jun-12     225   9.67               LKPS
26-Apr-12      NHB           25-Jun-12  300   9.40               NVSB
26-Apr-12      L&T FIN       31-May-12  100   9.63 PRU MF        NVSB
26-Apr-12      L&T FIN       25-Jun-12  200   9.67               TFCS
26-Apr-12      SBI GLOBAL    31-May-12        9.65               TFCS
26-Apr-12      ABFL          31-May-12        9.63               NVSB
26-Apr-12      ABFL          31-May-12  50    9.63 IDBI MF       TFCS
26-Apr-12      ABFL          31-May-12  25    9.63 PRAM MF       TFCS
26-Apr-12      COROMANDAL    END MAY    100   9.50               NVSB

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