Nasdaq ’Threshold’ Securities for June 8

The following is a list of “threshold securities” from the Nasdaq Stock Market, published daily in compliance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation SHO.

The list consists of stocks for which sellers failed to deliver 10,000 shares or more in the past five trading days and the level of “fails” is a minimum of 0.5 percent of the shares outstanding. Securities are listed alphabetically by ticker.

                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
ATTD    ATTITUDE DRINKS INC NEW COM ST                        11
AUNFF   AURCANA CORP                                          75
BLOAQ   BLOCKBUSTER INC CL-A                                  39
CAAS    CHINA AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS INC                           1
CAVR    CAVU Resources Inc Common Stoc                        12
CCKRY   CLICKS GROUP LTD UNSPONSORED A                        11
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
CDTI    CLEAN DIESEL TECHNOLOGIES INC                          2
CHBT    China-Biotics, Inc. Common Sto                        15
DEER    DEER CONSUMER PRODUCTS, INC. N                        57
DTTO    DETTO TECHNOLOGIES, INC.                               2
EFIR    EGPI FIRECREEK, INC. COMMON ST                        16
ELTP    ELITE PHARMACEUTICAL                                  12
ESLR    EVERGREEN SOLAR INC                                   16
FORC    Force Energy Corp.  Common Sto                         3
GCMI    GEOS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. COMM                         5
GFRE    GULF RESOURCES, INC. NEWCOMMON                        12
GGCRF   SILVERMEX RESOURCES, INC. ORDI                        39
HOLI    HOLLYSYS AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGI                         4
HRBN    HARBIN ELEC INC                                        2
IGXT    INTELGENX TECHNOLOGIES CORP CO                         6
IMZLF   INTERNATIONAL MINERALS CORP                            7
INDY    ISHARES S&P INDIA NIFTY 50 IND                         1
ISHG    ISHARES S&P/CITIGROUP 1-3 YEAR                         2
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
JAMN    JAMMIN JAVA CORP COM STK (NV)                          6
JCOF    JAVALUTION COFFEE CO COM STK (                         9
LLEN    L & L ENERGY INC COM STK (NV)                          7
LNDT    LIANDI CLEAN TECH INC COM STK                          2
MWWC    MARKETING WORLDWIDE CORPORATIO                         1
NEOM    NEOMEDIA TECH INC COM STK (DE)                         2
NNAN    NATURALNANO INC                                       14
NVAE    SAVANNA EAST AFRICA INC COM ST                         1
OPMG    OPTIONS MEDIA GROUP HOLDINGS,                         10
PRGJ    PRG Group, Inc. Common Stock                           7
PUTKY   PT United Tractors Unsponsored                         6
QTWW    QUANTUM FUEL SYS TECHNOLOGIES                         14
SAVW    SAVWATT USA, INC. COMMON STOCK                        30
SCEI    SINO CLEAN ENERGY INC COM STK                         26
SCLW    Socialwise, Inc. Common Stock                          5
SCPZF   SPROTT RESOURCE CORP ORD SHS (                         1
SNOFF   SINA-FOREST CORP SUB VTG(F)                            2
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
SOXX    ISHARES PHLX SOX SEMICONDUCTOR                         7
SPFM    SPOOFEM COM USA COM STK NEW (O                         2
SPQS    SPORTSQUEST INC                                        4
TSTC    TELESTONE TECHNOLOGIES CORP                           10
USAT    USA Technologies, Inc. New Com                        21
VCIT    VANGUARD INTERMEDIATE-TERM COR                        27
VCLT    VANGUARD LG-TRM CORP BD ETF                            2
VCRT    VICOR TECHNOLOGIES INC NEW COM                         5
VGSH    VANGUARD  SHT-TRM GOVT BD ETF                          6
VXUS    VANGUARD STAR FD VANGUARD TOTA                         6
YESD    YESDTC HLDGS INC COM STK (NV)                         14
YRCW    YRC WORLDWIDE INC                                     34
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SOURCE: Nasdaq

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