Where the World's Millionaires Live

By David de Jong - 2012-06-06T19:49:33Z

Photograph by Stephen Wilkes/Gallery Stock

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7. U.S.

Population: 322.4 million
Percentage of millionaire households: 4.3%

The U.S., with the largest economy in the world, counted the largest number of millionaire households in 2011: 5.13 million, down about 129,000 from 2010. In 2011, the country, which has about 15 individuals ranked on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, nearly defaulted on its government debt, saw a downgrade of its credit rating and was affected by the fallout of the euro debt crisis. America's richest man is Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, with a fortune of about $60 billion.

Data from: Boston Consulting Group and Bloomberg Billionaires