Vacation Rentals in Giant Dogs, Spaceships, Trees

By Nikhil Hutheesing - 2012-05-24T13:59:14Z


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727 Fuselage, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

After hours of flying, many travelers are eager to get off the plane. Here's one you might want to stay on. This refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 was used by South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines. It was taken from the San Jose airport to the National Park in the Costa Verde area. The plane is perched on a 50-foot pedestal providing views of the ocean and jungle. Inside are two air-conditioned bedrooms with flat screen TVs, a kitchenette and a dining foyer. Furnishings are carved from Indonesian teak.

Price: $250-$500 per night. Sleeps 6.