Apps That Nudge, Nag and Manipulate You Into Financial Health

By Ben Steverman - 2014-04-07T17:15:02Z

Photograph by Caroline von Tuempling/Getty Images

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Really Smart Wallet

The future of financial apps may be in artificial intelligence. Not robots who follow you around and control your spending, but advanced computers that track and analyze the transactions you make throughout your day and make recommendations in real time. It might point out your tendency to over-spend in certain restaurants or stores, or notice that your new, pricier yoga studio is derailing your dream of a vacation in Bali. Omar Green, founder of Wallet.AI, a start-up developing such a tool, said the goal is an app that makes thousands of calculations about your financial life – “more math than any person would want to do.” The result, he said, should insulate you from temptation by keeping your eyes on long-term goals. As long as your phone battery lasts, anyway.

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