The Challenges to Consider Before Retiring Abroad

By Ben Steverman - 2011-09-28T14:22:26Z

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Culture Shock

Adjusting to a foreign culture can require patience. The Weldons are adjusting to a different pace of life in Argentina, one in which they must wait until 8:30 p.m. for many restaurants to open. In the U.S., "we're used to everything happening yesterday," says Bettye Weldon, Michael's wife. "It does not happen like that here."

After six years, the Weldons say they've made progress fitting in, and they still feel connected to friends from their previous home in Rochester, N.Y., and friends and family in California. "We have had more company in the past six years than we ever did when we lived on the East Coast," says Bettye.

Photograph by Christopher Pillitz/Getty Images