Where the World's Millionaires Live

By Nikhil Hutheesing - 2013-05-30T16:00:09Z

Photograph by Shane McCauley/Gallery Stock

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10. Israel

Population: 7.7 million
Percentage of millionaire households: 3.8%

Israel had about 84,000 millionaire households in 2012, and there are plenty of thriving businesses here to keep them afloat, from booming technology companies to exploiters of natural gas fields. The country is also a big exporter of diamonds and agricultural products. The Israeli economy has been going strong, though there are signs that things are changing. Many Israelis believe the cost of living needs to come down and are unhappy that the government plans to raise taxes. That may be one reason why Idan Ofer, considered the wealthiest person in Israel (though his brother, Eyal, is believed to be equally wealthy) is moving to the U.K., which is tax-friendly to wealthy foreigners. The two brothers inherited their father's shipping fortune and art collection following Sammy Ofer's death in June 2011.