12 Tough Movie Mothers, From Well-Meaning to Just Mean

By Suzanne Woolley, Nikhil Hutheesing and Ben Steverman - 2013-05-08T19:35:52Z

Photograph by Everett Collection

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Well Meaning: 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'

In the annals of Mothers Who Kick Serious Ass, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is hard to beat. Hamilton's son John is the future leader of the human resistance effort against an artificial intelligence system that wants to eliminate all people -- most definitely including him. As Janet Maslin wrote in a 1991 review in The New York Times: "Although this fast-paced sequel locks the Terminator and T-1000 into an extended gladiatorial duel over the fate of Sarah and her son, Sarah looks like more than a match for both of them." Motherhood was never so buff.