The Real Cost of a Thanksgiving Dinner

By Ben Steverman and Yvette Romero - 2012-11-19T22:20:01Z

Photograph by James Martin/Getty Images

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Of the 400 million pounds of cranberries consumed by Americans each year, 20 percent -- 80 million pounds -- is eaten during Thanksgiving week, according to Ocean Spray. Over 5 million gallons of jellied cranberry sauce are consumed every holiday season.

$4: Yams, 2 pounds, Whole Foods

$3: Butternut Squash, 2 pounds, Whole Foods

$3: Carrots, 2 pounds, Whole Foods

$10: Sugar Snap Peas, 2 pounds, Whole Foods

$13: La Brea Bakery Focaccia Stuffing Mix, Williams-Sonoma

$9: Potatoes, 6 pounds, Whole Foods

$15: Clear Flour Bread, Brookline, Mass.

$4: Cranberry Sauce, 2 cans, Whole Foods

Running Tally $473