Apps That Nudge, Nag and Manipulate You Into Financial Health

By Ben Steverman - 2014-04-07T17:15:02Z

Photograph by Christopher Futcher/Getty Images

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“Did you call the cable company yet?” That’s not your spouse or your inner-nag bugging you. That’s a notification on your phone from the app Lift. It’s based on the idea that committing to a firm goal – in this case, a 10-step plan to “Save Money: Get Rid of Cable” – is more effective than vaguely berating yourself every day.

Users can sign up for dozens of plans, from an 11-step plan to “stop being a workaholic” or an 11-step plan for “how to live a Spartan life” to non-financial goals like flossing, dieting and exercise. Users can create their own plans, and cheer each other on. “It’s a more efficient form of coaching,” co-founder Tony Stubblebine said.

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