The 10 Worst States for the Unemployed

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2013-05-09T20:53:57Z

Photograph by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

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No. 7 New Jersey

Unemployment rate: 8.99%
Benefit as a percentage of income: 38.39%
Wealth disparity ratio: 1.46

New Jersey has the greatest wealth gap in the nation. For every household with income of less than $10,000, there are 1.46 households making at least $200,000. With a high unemployment rate of 9 percent, plenty of people are getting unemployment insurance. It covers a bit more than 38 percent of lost income. Things may get worse: The automatic budget cuts that kicked in this year could result in $6.5 million less in federal grants going into the state’s unemployment insurance in 2013, according to Pew Charitable Trusts. On the bright side, New Jersey's employed population, as of March, increased 1.16 percent from a year earlier.