Marketing Wonders: Foods That Never Expire

By Ben Steverman - 2012-07-18T13:27:07Z

Photograph by Kraft Foods Inc. via AP Images

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Oreo Biscuits

The first Oreo -- manufactured by Nabisco starting in 1912 -- was a blatant imitation of the Hydrox cookie first created in 1908. Thus began one of the world's longest, most lopsided marketing wars. Boosted by Nabisco's ad dollars and distribution budget, Oreo became far more popular, despite claims of Hydrox lovers that their cookie tasted much better. Hydrox held out until 2003, when Keebler shut down production after a failed effort to revive and re-name the brand as "Keebler Droxies." Then, to the delight of Hydrox fans, Kellogg (which bought Keebler) briefly revived Hydrox in 2008, though the experiment lasted only a year.