Enclaves of the Rich and Ready for Retirement

By Margaret Collins - 2012-07-31T18:40:19Z

Photograph by Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection

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Harbor Hills, New York

Population: 495
Median home value: $1,000,000+
Mean retirement income: $147,411

Harbor Hills, a community close to two other places on this list, Kings Point and Great Neck Estates, is officially a hamlet within the Town of North Hempstead on Long Island's North Shore. It's located in one of the hilliest parts of Long Island, and several of the homes are on Bay Port Lane, right on the water, said Howard Kroplick, the town historian in North Hempstead. It "is a very desirable community because of the train" into Manhattan, which by express takes less than 30 minutes, Kroplick said.