Most & Least Taxing States: 2014

By Rebecca Helmes of Bloomberg BNA - 2014-04-14T23:05:22Z

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The United States of Taxation: Where Do You Stand?

Many states are in recovery mode after weathering the Great Recession. Even as they work to repair their finances, states and taxpayers are struggling to address questions about gay marriage, marijuana use and online gambling. The federal recognition of same-sex marriage has forced state tax agencies in most jurisdictions to issue guidance in time for filing season. Several states' legalization of online gambling, as well as Colorado's and Washington's laws allowing recreational use of marijuana, have other jurisdictions eyeing the revenue these policy initiatives are likely to produce.

Click ahead for a pair of top 10 lists, followed by vital statistics on taxes in each state. See how your own taxes stack up against your cousin's out in Dubuque. Data are largely from The Tax Foundation, a non-profit research organization. Methodology is on the final slide.