The Market's Hottest Artists

By Ben Steverman - 2012-10-16T15:46:39Z

Photograph by Dan Eckstein

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The Value of Art

Art can be profound, beautiful and a great place for the wealthy to park their cash, especially when other investing options are uninspiring. A recent Barclays Wealth survey found millionaires devoting almost a tenth of their fortunes to nonfinancial assets such as art and collectibles, with more and more owning fine art. New millionaires and billionaires from China, India and Russia are bidding up the value of their countries' master artists at eye-popping rates. worked with Artnet, the online art database, to identify the most lucrative artists of the 21st century so far. Click ahead for the 15 artists -- living and dead, out of about 1,000 tracked by Artnet -- who saw their works' value rise the fastest in percentage terms since 2000.