A Very Buffett Christmas

By Carla Fried - 2011-12-13T21:47:39Z

Illustration by Kelsey Dake

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A One-Stop Conglomerate Shop

"Anyone who says money can't buy happiness simply hasn't learned where to shop." -- Warren Buffett, writing in the 2010 Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter.

Buffett directed that bon mot at the 40,000 or so minions who attend the firm's annual meeting in Omaha, exhorting them to shop early and often among Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries that ply their wares at the get-together. That got us thinking: Would it be possible to polish off a holiday shopping list sticking solely to products manufactured or sold by the 52 Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries?

Yes. And how.

Bloomberg.com presents the first annual, absolutely unofficial Berkshire Hathaway Christmas catalog.

Note: Product mentions are not endorsements.