OWS Storms Wall Street

By Jane Hwang - 2011-11-17T19:56:43Z

Photograph by Mary Altaffer/AP

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At least 1,000 Occupy Wall Street protesters filled the streets of New York's Financial District near the New York Stock Exchange and Zuccotti Park, the symbolic home of the movement that police this week cleared of tents and other gear. Protesters had planned to "raise a ruckus and clog up the works" in Lower Manhattan before fanning out on trains throughout the five boroughs, said Mark Bray, a spokesman for Occupy Wall Street. They'll end with a 5 p.m. rally at Foley Square, for which they have a permit, and march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Left, demonstrators affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement assemble across the street from Zuccotti Park before marching through the streets of the financial district, Nov. 17, 2011, in New York.