Labradoodle vs. Mutt: The Real Cost of Owning a Dog

By Laurie Meisler - 2011-09-14T23:37:24Z

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Putting a Price Tag on Your Pet

We don't usually put a price tag on our pets. The sight of a dog thrilled to bits by the fact you exist is priceless. They're fun to pamper, and most owners would do anything for them. What might come as a shock is how much you end up spending on your pooch.

Bloomberg's Rankings Team researched lifetime costs of owning a top-of-the-line Australian Labradoodle living the high life vs. owning an equally-loved mutt or rescue dog whose owner has a more down-to-earth approach. The prices in this slideshow are for a 50-pound dog in New York City with a 12-year lifespan. Tally up the lifetime costs and it's more than a few college tuitions.

Note: Sources and methodology are on final slides. Brand mentions aren't endorsements.