Most & Least Taxing States 2013

By Rebecca Helmes of Bloomberg BNA - 2013-04-19T17:41:14Z

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Top income tax rate: 5.75%
Sales tax: 6%
Property tax per capita: $1,467
Inheritance tax: See note*
Estate tax: 0.8% to 16% with $1 million exemption

Maryland and New Jersey are the only states with both an estate tax and an inheritance tax. Last year, Maryland raised the income tax rate for single filers with income over $100,000 and joint filers with income over $150,000 to help close a $1 billion budget gap. The tax increase is estimated to add $200 million to Maryland's coffers. The Maryland General Assembly just passed a gas tax increase to pay for road and rail investments.

*Spouse, lineal-descendant, lineal-descendant spouse and sibling transfer is tax-free; all other transfers are taxed at 10 percent.