Most & Least Taxing States 2012

By Bloomberg BNA - 2012-04-13T16:45:59Z

Photograph by F. Carter Smith/Bloomberg

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Income tax: 6%
State sales tax: 4%
Property tax per capita: $643
Inheritance tax: None
Estate tax: None

In 2012, Louisiana began paying out tax refunds in the form of debit cards instead of checks. That drew complaints from taxpayers who found refunds subject to ATM fees. Louisiana suffered a decline of 14.16 percent in taxes collected in 2010, due largely to a 22 percent drop in income taxes. It was one of four states that saw a double-digit drop. The state's among the top five in "severance tax" income -- tax paid on natural resources taken from the ground; the oil-and-gas industry paid $758 million in 2010. Its combined state and local sales tax rate of 8.85 percent is the third-highest of the states.