Where the World's Millionaires Live

By David de Jong - 2012-06-06T19:49:33Z

Photograph by Tim Macpherson/Getty Images

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4. Switzerland

Population: 7.7 million
Percentage of millionaire households: 9.5%

Besides being home to 322,000 millionaire households, Switzerland also boasts the highest proportion of ultra-high-net-worth families in the world: 11 households per 100,000 have more than $100 million in private financial wealth. The euro debt crisis is affecting the Alpine nation: Its GDP growth slowed to 2.1 percent in 2011. It also faces pressure from the European Union and the U.S. to reform its banking secrecy laws. Switzerland's, and Europe's, richest person is Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish founder of Ikea, the world's largest furniture retailer.

Data from: Boston Consulting Group and Bloomberg Billionaires