Apps That Nudge, Nag and Manipulate You Into Financial Health

By Ben Steverman - 2014-04-07T17:15:02Z

Photograph by Symphonie

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Willpowering Up

The website StickK, co-founded by two Yale University professors, is designed for those times when willpower isn’t enough to achieve your goals. You might commit on the site to repaying credit card debt, keeping track of your spending or saving money by bringing your lunch to work. To add more motivation, you can put money on the line. If you fail, it goes to charity. For even more motivation, you can commit to having it sent to a political organization you hate. You also can choose a “referee” – say, a co-worker who knows your lunch habits – to make the final determination and keep you honest. With both money on the line and a referee, users achieve three-quarters of their goals, Chief Executive Officer Jordan Goldberg said.

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