Smart Money, Dumb Idea: Bad Bets by Financial Pros 

By Ben Steverman - 2013-10-22T17:22:03Z

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Sheryl Garrett: 'Recovering HGTV Addict'

I’m a recovering HGTV addict. Some may call me a "house flipper," although that was never my intention. In seven years, I bought and partially or completely rehabbed four homes. I did a lot of the work myself, but I didn’t stay in any one long enough to recoup my purchase price, plus remodeling expenses and realtors’ costs. As a new parent, my home remodeling fever has mellowed, but I’m over $100,000 poorer for the experience.

Sheryl Garrett is the founder of the Garrett Planning Network, which includes more than 320 financial planners from across the U.S.

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