Enclaves of the Rich and Ready for Retirement

By Margaret Collins - 2012-07-31T18:40:19Z

Photograph by Aaron Eakin/Getty Images

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Hunts Point, Washington

Population: 429
Median home value: $1,000,000+
Mean retirement income: $200,431

The country's richest retirees live in Hunts Point, a peninsula town whose 400 or so residents include Microsoft Corp.'s chief executive officer, Steve Ballmer. The mean $200,431 retirement income for 2010 is more than 9 times what the average retiree took in that year, government figures show. About half the homes have at least an acre on Lake Washington. "It's right across the bridge from Seattle, it's near Microsoft, and it's very pretty," says Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow Inc. No word on whether residents are penalized for using Macs.