What Could Apple's $110 Billion Cash Hoard Buy?

By Nikhil Hutheesing - 2012-07-27T22:09:59Z

Photograph by Benoit Decout/REA/Redux

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917,000 sushi chefs

Toshi Sakuma was Steve Job's last hire, partly because Jobs had a fascination with Japanese food. Previously the Japanese chef ran Kaygetsu, a restaurant in Menlo Park, California, that specialized in omakaze-style meals. The average salary of a chef in the pricey Cupertino area is $66,000, according to simplyhired.com. If we bump the salary up for Sakuma (he did, after all, close his business to move to Apple) to a conservative $120,000, Apple's cash hoard could provide its 60,000 employees with some 917,000 chefs, or 3.17 chefs each.