The Best and Worst States for Getting Divorced

By Joel Stonington and Alex McIntyre - 2011-11-14T16:21:49Z

Photograph by Margarita Borodina/Getty Images

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New Hampshire (1)

Filing fee: $180*

Minimum processing time: 0 days*

Divorce rate: 9.9**

You can't stay in a hotel for one night and go home single the next, but getting divorced in New Hampshire is almost that easy. There's no minimum processing time or minimum residency. "Say you're both living in Massachusetts," said Cathryn Nunlist, associate professor of law at Vermont Law School. "You both move to New Hampshire. You can file the next day, not a problem. There is a requirement that you are a resident. You can establish residency just by crossing the border and staying there."

*All state data from state websites

**U.S. Census Bureau, number of persons divorcing annually among 1,000 men and women, aged 15 and over