Companies listed in USA

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Pharmagen Inc (PHRX) PHRX:US Common Stock Medical-Whsle Drug Dist
Pharmamatrix Acquisition Corp (608726Z) 608726Z:US Unit Specified Purpose Acquis
PharmaRoth Labs Inc (ROTH) ROTH:US Common Stock Commercial Services
PharmAthene Inc (PIP) PIP:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Pharmaxis Ltd (PXSLY) PXSLY:US ADR Therapeutics
PharmChem Inc (PCHM) PCHM:US Common Stock Drug Detection Systems
PharMerica Corp (PMC) PMC:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Pharming Group NV (PHGUF) PHGUF:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Pharmos Corp (PARS) PARS:US Common Stock Drug Delivery Systems
PHH Corp (PHH) PHH:US Common Stock Commercial Services
PHI Group Inc (PHIL) PHIL:US Common Stock Investment Companies
PHI Inc (PHII) PHII:US Common Stock Transport-Services
PHI Inc (PHIIK) PHIIK:US Common Stock Transport-Services
Phibro Animal Health Corp (PAHC) PAHC:US Common Stock Agricultural Chemicals
Phil-Good Products Inc (PHGD) PHGD:US Common Stock Mach Tools&Rel Products
Philex Mining Corp (PXMFF) PXMFF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Philip Morris International Inc (PM) PM:US Common Stock Tobacco
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co (PHI) PHI:US ADR Telephone-Integrated
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co (PHTCF) PHTCF:US Common Stock Telephone-Integrated
Philippine Metals Inc (PHIXF) PHIXF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Phillips 66 (PSX) PSX:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Phoenix Associates Land Syndicate Inc (PBLSQ) PBLSQ:US Common Stock Diversified Operations
Phoenix Bancorp Inc (PXBP) PXBP:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Phoenix Cos Inc/The (PNX) PNX:US Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
Phoenix Footwear Group Inc (PXFG) PXFG:US Common Stock Footwear&Related Apparel
Phoenix Group Holdings (PHXXF) PHXXF:US Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
Phoenix International Ventures Inc (PIVN) PIVN:US Common Stock Aerospace/Defense-Equip
Phoenix Medical Software Inc (PHXMF) PHXMF:US Common Stock Medical Information Sys
Phoenix Metals Corp (AKAVF) AKAVF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Phoenix New Media Ltd (FENG) FENG:US ADR Television
Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd (PXSTF) PXSTF:US Common Stock Broadcast Serv/Program
PhoneBrasil International Inc (PHBR) PHBR:US Common Stock Internet Telephony
Phoscan Chemical Corp (PCCLF) PCCLF:US Common Stock Agricultural Chemicals
Phosphagenics Ltd (PPGNY) PPGNY:US ADR Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Phosphate Holdings Inc (PHOS) PHOS:US Common Stock Agricultural Chemicals
Photoamigo Inc (PHGO) PHGO:US Common Stock Internet Content-Entmnt
PhotoMedex Inc (PHMD) PHMD:US Common Stock Medical Laser Systems
Photon Control Inc (POCEF) POCEF:US Common Stock Electronic Measur Instr
Photronics Inc (PLAB) PLAB:US Common Stock Semiconductor Equipment
PHX Energy Services Corp (PHXHF) PHXHF:US Common Stock Oil-Field Services
Phyhealth Corp (PYHH) PYHH:US Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
Physicians Healthcare Management Group Inc (PHYH) PHYH:US Common Stock Medical-HMO
Physicians Realty Trust (DOC) DOC:US REIT REITS-Health Care
Piaggio & C SpA (PIAGF) PIAGF:US Common Stock Motorcycle/Motor Scooter
PICC Property & Casualty Co Ltd (PPCCF) PPCCF:US Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
PICC Property & Casualty Co Ltd (PPCCY) PPCCY:US ADR Property/Casualty Ins
Pick n Pay Stores Ltd (PKPYY) PKPYY:US ADR Retail-Hypermarkets
Pick Ups Plus Inc (PUPS) PUPS:US Common Stock Retail-Auto Parts
PICO Holdings Inc (PICO) PICO:US Common Stock Water
Piedmont Community Bank Group Inc (PCBN) PCBN:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Piedmont Mining Co Inc (PIED) PIED:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Piedmont Natural Gas Co Inc (PNY) PNY:US Common Stock Gas-Distribution
Piedmont Office Realty Trust Inc (PDM) PDM:US REIT REITS-Office Property
Pier 1 Imports Inc (PIR) PIR:US Common Stock Retail-Home Furnishings
Pigeon Corp (PGENY) PGENY:US ADR Cosmetics&Toiletries
Pike Corp (PIKE) PIKE:US Common Stock Electric-Integrated
Pike River Coal Ltd (PKRRF) PKRRF:US Common Stock Coal
Pilgrim Petroleum Corp (PGPM) PGPM:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pilgrim's Pride Corp (PPC) PPC:US Common Stock Poultry
Pilot Bancshares Inc (PLBN) PLBN:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Pilot Gold Inc (PLGTF) PLGTF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
PIMCO REIT Inc (PIMR) PIMR:US Common Stock REITS-Mortgage
Pimi Agro Cleantech Inc (PIMZ) PIMZ:US Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Pine Cliff Energy Ltd (PIFYF) PIFYF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pine Valley Mining Corp (PVMCF) PVMCF:US Common Stock Coal
Pinecrest Energy Inc (PNCGF) PNCGF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pinelawn Cemetery (PLWN) PLWN:US Common Stock Funeral Serv&Rel Items
Pinetree Capital Ltd (PNPFF) PNPFF:US Common Stock Diversified Finan Serv
Ping An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd (PIAIF) PIAIF:US Common Stock Multi-line Insurance
Ping An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd (PNGAY) PNGAY:US ADR Multi-line Insurance
Pingify International Inc (PGFY) PGFY:US Common Stock Applications Software
Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd (PME) PME:US Common Stock Specified Purpose Acquis Inc (PMKY) PMKY:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Products
Pinnacle Bancshares Inc/AL (PCLB) PCLB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Pinnacle Bank/Beaverton OR (PNNB) PNNB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pinnacle Bank/Gilroy CA (PBNK) PBNK:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pinnacle Bankshares Corp (PPBN) PPBN:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Pinnacle Entertainment Inc (PNK) PNK:US Common Stock Gambling (Non-Hotel)
Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc (PNFP) PNFP:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Pinnacle Foods Inc (PF) PF:US Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Pinnacle West Capital Corp (PNW) PNW:US Common Stock Electric-Integrated
Pinpoint Recovery Solutions Corp (PPNT) PPNT:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Pioneer Bankshares Inc (PNBI) PNBI:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Pioneer Corp (PNCOF) PNCOF:US Common Stock Audio/Video Products
Pioneer Corp (PNCOY) PNCOY:US ADR Audio/Video Products
Pioneer Energy Services Corp (PES) PES:US Common Stock Oil-Field Services
Pioneer Exploration Inc (PIEX) PIEX:US Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Pioneer Natural Resources Co (PXD) PXD:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pioneer Oil & Gas (POGS) POGS:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pioneer Power Solutions Inc (PPSI) PPSI:US Common Stock Power Conv/Supply Equip
Pioneer Railcorp (PRRR) PRRR:US Common Stock Transport-Rail
Pioneering Technology Corp (PTEFF) PTEFF:US Common Stock Appliances
Piper Jaffray Cos (PJC) PJC:US Common Stock Finance-Invest Bnkr/Brkr
Piraeus Bank SA (BPIRF) BPIRF:US Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Piraeus Bank SA (BPIRY) BPIRY:US ADR Commer Banks Non-US
Pirelli & C. SpA (PPAMF) PPAMF:US Common Stock Rubber-Tires
Pistol Bay Mining Inc (SLTFF) SLTFF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Pitchblack Resources Ltd (CHXMF) CHXMF:US Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Pitney Bowes Inc (PBI) PBI:US Common Stock Office Automation&Equip
Pitooey! Inc (PTOO) PTOO:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
Pivotal Therapeutics Inc (PVTTF) PVTTF:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Pixelworks Inc (PXLW) PXLW:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Pizza Inn Holdings Inc (PZZI) PZZI:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp (PZRIF) PZRIF:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
PJX Resources Inc (PJXRF) PJXRF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Placer Creek Mining Co (PRCK) PRCK:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Placer Del Mar Ltd (PDMT) PDMT:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Pladeo Corp (PLAD) PLAD:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
Plaintree Systems Inc (PTEEF) PTEEF:US Common Stock Networking Products
Planar Systems Inc (PLNR) PLNR:US Common Stock Computers-Peripher Equip
Plandai Biotechnology Inc (PLPL) PLPL:US Common Stock Agricultural Biotech
Planet America Inc (PNTC) PNTC:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
Planet Organic Health Corp (POHEF) POHEF:US Common Stock Food-Retail
Planet Payment Inc (PLPM) PLPM:US Common Stock Computer Software
Planet Resource Recovery Inc (PRRY) PRRY:US Common Stock Petrochemicals
Planktos Corp (PLKT) PLKT:US Common Stock Research&Development
Plant Health Care PLC (PLHCF) PLHCF:US Common Stock Agricultural Chemicals
Plantronics Inc (PLT) PLT:US Common Stock Telecommunication Equip
PlasmaTech Inc (PMAH) PMAH:US Common Stock Advertising Services
Plastec Technologies Ltd (PLTYF) PLTYF:US Common Stock Rubber/Plastic Products
Plastec Technologies Ltd (PLTEF) PLTEF:US Unit Rubber/Plastic Products
Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp (PLNU) PLNU:US Common Stock Chemicals-Plastics
Plata Latina Minerals Corp (PLLMF) PLLMF:US Common Stock Precious Metals
Plata Resources Inc (PTAE) PTAE:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Plateau Mineral Development Inc (PMDP) PMDP:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Platform Acquisition Corp (834211Z) 834211Z:US Unit Specified Purpose Acquis
Platform Specialty Products Corp (PAH) PAH:US Common Stock Chemicals-Specialty
Platforms Wireless International Corp (PLFM) PLFM:US Common Stock Wireless Equipment
Platina Resources Ltd (PTNUF) PTNUF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Platinum Australia Ltd (PTNMF) PTNMF:US Common Stock Platinum
Platinum Group Metals Ltd (PLG) PLG:US Common Stock Platinum
Platinum Studios Inc (PDOS) PDOS:US Common Stock Multimedia
Platinum Underwriters Holdings Ltd (PTP) PTP:US Common Stock Reinsurance
Play LA Inc (PLLAF) PLLAF:US Common Stock E-Marketing/Info
PlayBOX US Inc (PYBX) PYBX:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
Players Network Inc (PNTV) PNTV:US Common Stock Broadcast Serv/Program
Playfair Mining Ltd (PLYFF) PLYFF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Playlogic Entertainment Inc (PLGC) PLGC:US Common Stock Entertainment Software
Playmates Holdings Ltd (PYHOF) PYHOF:US Common Stock Toys
Playmates Toys Ltd (PMTYF) PMTYF:US Common Stock Toys
Playworld Interactive Holding Corp (PWIT) PWIT:US Common Stock Toys
Plaza Bank/Irvine CA (PLZB) PLZB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Plaza Bank/Seattle WA (PZBW) PZBW:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Plaza Retail REIT (PAZRF) PAZRF:US REIT REITS-Shopping Centers
PLC Systems Inc (PLCSF) PLCSF:US Common Stock Medical Products
Plexus Corp (PLXS) PLXS:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
PLM Equipment Growth Fund 03 (GFWQZ) GFWQZ:US Ltd Part Closed-end Funds
Plug Power Inc (PLUG) PLUG:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Plum Creek Timber Co Inc (PCL) PCL:US REIT REITS-Diversified
Plumas Bancorp (PLBC) PLBC:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Plures Technologies Inc (MANY) MANY:US Common Stock Investment Companies
Pluristem Therapeutics Inc (PSTI) PSTI:US Common Stock Therapeutics
PLX Technology Inc (PLXT) PLXT:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Ply Gem Holdings Inc (PGEM) PGEM:US Common Stock Bldg&Construct Prod-Misc
Plymouth Financial Corp (PFNL) PFNL:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
PM&E Inc (PMEA) PMEA:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
PMC Commercial Trust (PMCT) PMCT:US REIT REITS-Mortgage
PMC-Sierra Inc (PMCS) PMCS:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
PMFG Inc (PMFG) PMFG:US Common Stock Filtration/Separat Prod
PMI Construction Group Inc (PMIG) PMIG:US Common Stock Building-Heavy Construct
PMI Group Inc (PMIR) PMIR:US Common Stock Finance-Mtge Loan/Banker
PMX Communities Inc (PMXO) PMXO:US Common Stock Web Portals/ISP
PNC Financial Services Group Inc/The (PNC) PNC:US Common Stock Super-Regional Banks-US
PNI Digital Media Inc (PNDMF) PNDMF:US Common Stock Transactional Software
PNM Resources Inc (PNM) PNM:US Common Stock Electric-Integrated
Poage Bankshares Inc (PBSK) PBSK:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Southern US
POET Technologies Inc (POETF) POETF:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Pohjola Bank PLC (POJLY) POJLY:US ADR Commer Banks Non-US
Point Asset Management Inc (PNT) PNT:US Common Stock REITS-Mortgage
Point Blank Solutions Inc (PBSOQ) PBSOQ:US Common Stock Aerospace/Defense
Point Capital Inc (PTCI) PTCI:US Common Stock Commercial Serv-Finance
Point.360 (PTSX) PTSX:US Common Stock Motion Pictures&Services
Pointer Telocation Ltd (PNTR) PNTR:US Common Stock Commercial Services
Points International Ltd (PCOM) PCOM:US Common Stock E-Marketing/Info
PokerTek Inc (PTEK) PTEK:US Common Stock Casino Services
Polar Petroleum Corp (POLR) POLR:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Polar Resources Corp (PLRCF) PLRCF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Polar Wireless Corp (BCDI) BCDI:US Common Stock Cellular Telecom
Polaris Industries Inc (PII) PII:US Common Stock Recreational Vehicles
Polaris International Holdings Inc (PIHN) PIHN:US Common Stock Computer Services
Polaris Minerals Corp (POLMF) POLMF:US Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Pollard Banknote Ltd (PBKOF) PBKOF:US Common Stock Lottery Services
Pollex Inc (PLLX) PLLX:US Common Stock Entertainment Software
Polonia Bancorp Inc (PBCP) PBCP:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Eastern US
Poly Property Group Co Ltd (PHKIF) PHKIF:US Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Poly Shield Technologies (SHPR) SHPR:US Common Stock Wireless Equipment
Polyair Inter Pack Inc (PPKZ) PPKZ:US Common Stock Containers-Paper/Plastic
Polycom Inc (PLCM) PLCM:US Common Stock Networking Products
Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd (POLXF) POLXF:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
PolyMedix Inc (PYMXQ) PYMXQ:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Polymeric Resources Corp (PLYR) PLYR:US Common Stock Chemicals-Specialty
Polymet Mining Corp (PLM) PLM:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Polymetal International PLC (POYYF) POYYF:US Common Stock Precious Metals
PolyOne Corp (POL) POL:US Common Stock Chemicals-Plastics
Polypore International Inc (PPO) PPO:US Common Stock Filtration/Separat Prod
Polyus Gold International Ltd (PLZLY) PLZLY:US GDR Gold Mining
Polyus Gold OJSC (OPYGY) OPYGY:US ADR Gold Mining
Poniard Pharmaceuticals Inc (PARD) PARD:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Pontiac Bancorp Inc (PONT) PONT:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Pool Corp (POOL) POOL:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale