Companies listed in USA

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Pacer Health Corp (PHLH) PHLH:US Common Stock Medical-Nursing Homes
Pacific & Western Credit Corp (PWESF) PWESF:US Common Stock Diversified Finan Serv
Pacific Alliance Bank (PFBN) PFBN:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd (PCFBF) PCFBF:US Common Stock Transport-Marine
Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd (PCFBY) PCFBY:US ADR Transport-Marine
Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd (PBMFF) PBMFF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Pacific Biosciences of California Inc (PACB) PACB:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Pacific Blue Energy Corp (PBEC) PBEC:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Pacific Booker Minerals Inc (PBM) PBM:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Pacific Brands Ltd (PFBDY) PFBDY:US ADR Apparel Manufacturers
Pacific Clean Water Technologies Inc (PCWT) PCWT:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Pacific CMA Inc (PACC) PACC:US Common Stock Transport-Services
Pacific Coal Resources Ltd (VGGGF) VGGGF:US Common Stock Coal
Pacific Coast National Bancorp (PCSTQ) PCSTQ:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Coast Oil Trust (ROYT) ROYT:US Royalty Trst Oil-US Royalty Trusts
Pacific Commerce Bank/CA (PFCI) PFCI:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Continental Corp (PCBK) PCBK:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Copper Corp (PPFP) PPFP:US Common Stock Metal-Copper
Pacific Drilling SA (PACD) PACD:US Common Stock Oil&Gas Drilling
Pacific Energy & Mining Co (PEMC) PEMC:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Pacific Ethanol Inc (PEIX) PEIX:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Pacific Financial Corp (PFLC) PFLC:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Gold Corp/Canada (PCFG) PCFG:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Pacific Green Technologies Inc (PGTK) PGTK:US Common Stock Diversified Operations
Pacific Health Care Organization Inc (PFHO) PFHO:US Common Stock Medical-HMO
Pacific Insight Electronics Corp (PISEF) PISEF:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
Pacific Mercantile Bancorp (PMBC) PMBC:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Metals Corp (PACM) PACM:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Pacific North West Capital Corp (PAWEF) PAWEF:US Common Stock Platinum
Pacific Northwest Development Corp (PNOD) PNOD:US Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Pacific Office Properties Trust Inc (PCFO) PCFO:US REIT REITS-Office Property
Pacific Oil Co (POIL) POIL:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pacific Online Ltd (PCOLF) PCOLF:US Common Stock Web Portals/ISP
Pacific Paradym Energy Inc (PPEVD) PPEVD:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pacific Potash Corp (PPOTF) PPOTF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc (PPBI) PPBI:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Western US
Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd (PEXZF) PEXZF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp (PEGFF) PEGFF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Pacific Sands Inc (PFSD) PFSD:US Common Stock Water Treatment Systems
Pacific Software Inc (PFSF) PFSF:US Common Stock Applications Software
Pacific State Bancorp (PSBC) PSBC:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Sunwear of California Inc (PSUN) PSUN:US Common Stock Retail-Apparel/Shoe
Pacific Valley Bank (PVBK) PVBK:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Vegas Global Strategies Inc/Colorado (PVEG) PVEG:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Pacific Ventures Group Inc (PACV) PACV:US Common Stock Venture Capital
Pacific Webworks Inc (PWEB) PWEB:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
Pacific West Bank (PWBO) PWBO:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp (PWCRF) PWCRF:US Common Stock Precious Metals
PacificHealth Laboratories Inc (PHLI) PHLI:US Common Stock Vitamins&Nutrition Prod
Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc/DE (PCRX) PCRX:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Packaging Corp of America (PKG) PKG:US Common Stock Containers-Paper/Plastic
PacWest Bancorp (PACW) PACW:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
PacWest Equities Inc (PWEI) PWEI:US Common Stock Commercial Services
Paget Minerals Corp (PGTMF) PGTMF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Paid Inc (PAYD) PAYD:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Services
Pain Therapeutics Inc (PTIE) PTIE:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd (PDPYF) PDPYF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Paion AG (PAIOF) PAIOF:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Paiute Oil & Mining Corp (PIUTQ) PIUTQ:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Palace Resources Ltd (PRRCY) PRRCY:US ADR Metal-Diversified
Paladin Energy Ltd (PALAY) PALAY:US ADR Non-Ferrous Metals
Paladin Energy Ltd (PALAF) PALAF:US Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Palatin Technologies Inc (PTN) PTN:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Palfinger AG (PLFRY) PLFRY:US ADR Machinery-Constr&Mining
Pall Corp (PLL) PLL:US Common Stock Filtration/Separat Prod
Palladon Ventures Ltd (PLLVF) PLLVF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Palliser Oil & Gas Corp (PSLRF) PSLRF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Palmetto Bancshares Inc (PLMT) PLMT:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Palmetto Real Estate Trust (PTTTS) PTTTS:US REIT REITS-Diversified
Palo Alto Networks Inc (PANW) PANW:US Common Stock Networking Products
PAM Holdings Inc (PAMI) PAMI:US Common Stock Invest Mgmnt/Advis Serv
PAM Transportation Services Inc (PTSI) PTSI:US Common Stock Transport-Truck
Pampa Energia SA (PAM) PAM:US ADR Electric-Integrated
Pan African Resources PLC (PAFRF) PAFRF:US Common Stock Precious Metals
Pan American Bank/Los Angeles CA (PAMB) PAMB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pan American Fertilizer Corp (GFRCF) GFRCF:US Common Stock Agricultural Chemicals
Pan American Goldfields Ltd (MXOM) MXOM:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Pan American Resources Inc California (PNAR) PNAR:US Common Stock Alternative Waste Tech
Pan American Silver Corp (PAAS) PAAS:US Common Stock Silver Mining
Pan Global Corp (PGLO) PGLO:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Pan Global Resources Inc (PGNRF) PGNRF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Pan Orient Energy Corp (POEFF) POEFF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pan Pacific Bank (PPFC) PPFC:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Pan Pacific Petroleum NL (PPPLF) PPPLF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Panacea Global Inc (PANG) PANG:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Panache Beverage Inc (WDKA) WDKA:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc (PANC) PANC:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Panalpina Welttransport Holding AG (PLWTF) PLWTF:US Common Stock Transport-Services
Panalpina Welttransport Holding AG (PLWTY) PLWTY:US ADR Transport-Services
Panama Coca Cola Bottling Co (PCOK) PCOK:US Common Stock Beverages-Non-alcoholic
PanAmerican Bancorp (PABN) PABN:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Panasonic Corp (PCRFF) PCRFF:US Common Stock Audio/Video Products
Panasonic Corp (PCRFY) PCRFY:US ADR Audio/Video Products
PanAust Ltd (PNAJF) PNAJF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL (PCOGF) PCOGF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pancontinental Uranium Corp (PUCCF) PUCCF:US Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Pandora A/S (PNDZF) PNDZF:US Common Stock Retail-Jewelry
Pandora A/S (PNDZY) PNDZY:US ADR Retail-Jewelry
Pandora Bancshares Inc (PDRB) PDRB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Pandora Media Inc (P) P:US Common Stock Internet Content-Entmnt
Panera Bread Co (PNRA) PNRA:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Panex Resources Inc (DBGF) DBGF:US Common Stock Investment Companies
Panglobal Brands Inc (PNGB) PNGB:US Common Stock Apparel Manufacturers
Pangolin Diamonds Corp (KGHZF) KGHZF:US Common Stock Diamonds/Precious Stones
Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc (PHX) PHX:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Panmure Gordon & Co PLC (PMRGF) PMRGF:US Common Stock Invest Mgmnt/Advis Serv
Panoramic Resources Ltd (PANRF) PANRF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Panoro Energy ASA (PESAF) PESAF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Panoro Minerals Ltd (POROF) POROF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
PanTerra Gold Ltd (ERGTF) ERGTF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
PanTerra Resource Corp (PRCYF) PRCYF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Pantry Inc/The (PTRY) PTRY:US Common Stock Retail-Convenience Store
Papa Bello Enterprises Inc (PAPA) PAPA:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Papa John's International Inc (PZZA) PZZA:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
PaperClip Inc (PCPJ) PCPJ:US Common Stock Data Processing/Mgmt
PaperFree Medical Solutions Inc (PFMS) PFMS:US Common Stock Applications Software
PaperlinX Ltd (PPXXY) PPXXY:US ADR Paper&Related Products
Papillon Resources Ltd (PAPQF) PAPQF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Papillon Resources Ltd (PAPQY) PAPQY:US ADR Gold Mining
Papuan Precious Metals Corp (PAUFF) PAUFF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Par Petroleum Corp (PARR) PARR:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
PAR Technology Corp (PAR) PAR:US Common Stock Computers-Integrated Sys
Parabel Inc (PABL) PABL:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Paradigm Medical Industries Inc (PDMI) PDMI:US Common Stock Optical Supplies
Paradigm Oil and Gas Inc (PDGO) PDGO:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Paradigm Resource Management Corp (PRDC) PRDC:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Paradigm System Solutions Inc (PSYS) PSYS:US Common Stock Computers
Paradise Entertainment Ltd (PDSSF) PDSSF:US Common Stock Casino Services
Paradise Inc (PARF) PARF:US Common Stock Food-Confectionery
Paradise Ridge Hydrocarbons Inc (PRGE) PRGE:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
ParaFin Corp (PFNO) PFNO:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Paragon National Bank (PGNN) PGNN:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Paragon Offshore Ltd (PGN) PGN:US Common Stock Oil&Gas Drilling
Paragon Real Estate Equity and Investment Trust (PRLE) PRLE:US REIT REITS-Diversified
Paragon Shipping Inc (PRGN) PRGN:US Common Stock Transport-Marine
Paragon Technologies Inc (PGNT) PGNT:US Common Stock Machinery-Material Handl
Parallax Health Sciences Inc (PRLX) PRLX:US Common Stock Diagnostic Equipment
Parallel Energy Trust (PEYTF) PEYTF:US Unit Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Parametric Sound Corp (HEAR) HEAR:US Common Stock Industr Audio&Video Prod
Paramount Gold and Silver Corp (PZG) PZG:US Common Stock Precious Metals
Paramount Resources Ltd (PRMRF) PRMRF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Parana Banco SA (PRBAY) PRBAY:US ADR Commer Banks Non-US
Paranapanema SA (PNPPY) PNPPY:US ADR Non-Ferrous Metals
Pardee Resources Co Inc (PDER) PDER:US Common Stock Commercial Services
Parex Resources Inc (PARXF) PARXF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
PAREXEL International Corp (PRXL) PRXL:US Common Stock Research&Development
Pargesa Holding SA (PRGAF) PRGAF:US Common Stock Investment Companies
Paris Orleans SA (PIEJF) PIEJF:US Common Stock Private Equity
Park Bancorp Inc (PFED) PFED:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Central US
Park City Group Inc (PCYG) PCYG:US Common Stock Applications Software
Park Electrochemical Corp (PKE) PKE:US Common Stock Circuit Boards
Park National Corp (PRK) PRK:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Park Place Energy Corp (PKPL) PKPL:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Park Sterling Corp (PSTB) PSTB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Park-Ohio Holdings Corp (PKOH) PKOH:US Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
Park24 Co Ltd (PKCOF) PKCOF:US Common Stock Commercial Services
Parke Bancorp Inc (PKBK) PKBK:US Common Stock Fiduciary Banks
Parker Drilling Co (PKD) PKD:US Common Stock Oil&Gas Drilling
Parker Hannifin Corp (PH) PH:US Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
Parkervision Inc (PRKR) PRKR:US Common Stock Networking Products
Parkland Fuel Corp (PKIUF) PKIUF:US Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Parks! America Inc (PRKA) PRKA:US Common Stock Resorts/Theme Parks
Parkson Retail Group Ltd (PKSGY) PKSGY:US ADR Retail-Major Dept Store
ParkVida Group Inc (PRKV) PRKV:US Common Stock Resorts/Theme Parks
Parkway Bank/Lenoir NC (PKWY) PKWY:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust (PRKWF) PRKWF:US REIT REITS-Health Care
Parkway Properties Inc/Md (PKY) PKY:US REIT REITS-Office Property
Parmalat SpA (PLATF) PLATF:US Common Stock Food-Dairy Products
Parrot SA (PAOTF) PAOTF:US Common Stock Telecommunication Equip
Parsley Energy Inc (0967871D) 0967871D:US Common Stock Oil&Gas Drilling
Partner Communications Co Ltd (PTNR) PTNR:US ADR Cellular Telecom
PartnerRe Ltd (PRE) PRE:US Common Stock Reinsurance
Partners Bank of California (PBKX) PBKX:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Partners Group Holding AG (PGPHF) PGPHF:US Common Stock Invest Mgmnt/Advis Serv
Partners Real Estate Investment Trust (PTSRF) PTSRF:US REIT REITS-Shopping Centers
Partners Value Fund Inc (BNBMF) BNBMF:US Common Stock Investment Companies
Pascack Bancorp Inc (PSBR) PSBR:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Pasco Group Holding Co (PSGP) PSGP:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Pason Systems Inc (PSYTF) PSYTF:US Common Stock Oil-Field Services
Passport Brands Inc (PBIX) PBIX:US Common Stock Apparel Manufacturers
Passport Potash Inc (PPRTF) PPRTF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
PASSUR Aerospace Inc (PSSR) PSSR:US Common Stock Aerospace/Defense
Patagonia Gold PLC (PATAF) PATAF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Patapsco Bancorp Inc (PATD) PATD:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Patch International Inc (PTCHF) PTCHF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Patent Properties Inc (PPRO) PPRO:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Pathfinder Bancorp Inc (PBHC) PBHC:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Eastern US
Pathfinder Cell Therapy Inc (PFND) PFND:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Patient Access Solutions Inc (PASO) PASO:US Common Stock Medical Information Sys
Patient Home Monitoring Corp (PHMZF) PHMZF:US Common Stock Medical-Outptnt/Home Med
Patient Portal Technologies Inc (PPRG) PPRG:US Common Stock Computer Software
Patrick Industries Inc (PATK) PATK:US Common Stock Bldg&Construct Prod-Misc
Patriot Berry Farms Inc (PBFI) PBFI:US Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Patriot Coal Corp (PATCA) PATCA:US Common Stock Coal
Patriot Federal Bank/Palatine Brdg NY (PFDB) PFDB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Patriot Gold Corp (PGOL) PGOL:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Patriot Minefinders Inc (PROF) PROF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Patriot National Bancorp Inc (PNBK) PNBK:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Patriot Scientific Corp (PTSC) PTSC:US Common Stock Computers
Patriot Transportation Holding Inc (PATR) PATR:US Common Stock Transport-Truck