Companies listed in USA

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Morgans Hotel Group Co (MHGC) MHGC:US Common Stock Hotels&Motels
Morguard Corp (MRCBF) MRCBF:US Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Morguard Real Estate Investment Trust (MGRUF) MGRUF:US REIT REITS-Diversified
Morien Resources Corp (APMCF) APMCF:US Common Stock Coal
Morneau Shepell Inc (MSIXF) MSIXF:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Morningstar Inc (MORN) MORN:US Common Stock Commercial Serv-Finance
Moro Corp (MRCR) MRCR:US Common Stock Steel-Specialty
MorphoSys AG (MPSYF) MPSYF:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
MorphoSys AG (MPSYY) MPSYY:US ADR Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Morris Business Development Co (MBDE) MBDE:US Common Stock Venture Capital
Mortgage Oil Corp (MGAG) MGAG:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Morumbi Resources Inc (MRMBF) MRMBF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Mosaic Co/The (MOS) MOS:US Common Stock Agricultural Chemicals
Mosenergo OAO (AOMOY) AOMOY:US ADR Electric-Integrated
MoSys Inc (MOSY) MOSY:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Mother Lode Bank (MOLB) MOLB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Mothercare PLC (MHCRF) MHCRF:US Common Stock Retail-Apparel/Shoe
Motion Picture Hall of Fame Inc (MHFM) MHFM:US Common Stock Resorts/Theme Parks
MotivNation Inc (MOVT) MOVT:US Common Stock Auto-Cars/Light Trucks
Motor Sport Country Club Holdings Inc (VIIN) VIIN:US Common Stock Racetracks
Motorcar Parts of America Inc (MPAA) MPAA:US Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Repl
Motorola Solutions Inc (MSI) MSI:US Common Stock Wireless Equipment
Motors Liquidation Co GUC Trust (MTLQU) MTLQU:US Unit Auto-Cars/Light Trucks
Motorvac Technologies Inc (MVAC) MVAC:US Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
Mount Carmel Public Util Co (MCPB) MCPB:US Common Stock Electric-Distribution
Mount Gibson Iron Ltd (MTGRF) MTGRF:US Common Stock Metal-Iron
Mount Gibson Iron Ltd (MTGRY) MTGRY:US ADR Metal-Iron
Mount Knowledge Holdings Inc (MKHD) MKHD:US Common Stock Educational Software
Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd (MBYMF) MBYMF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Mountain High Acquisitions Corp (MYHI) MYHI:US Common Stock Retail-Consumer Electron
Mountain National Bancshares Inc (MNBT) MNBT:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Mountain Province Diamonds Inc (MDM) MDM:US Common Stock Diamonds/Precious Stones
Mountain Valley Spring Co LLC (WATR) WATR:US Common Stock Beverages-Non-alcoholic
Mountain West Financial Corp (MTWF) MTWF:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Mountainstar Gold Inc (MOWRF) MOWRF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Mountainview Energy Ltd (MNVWF) MNVWF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Movado Group Inc (MOV) MOV:US Common Stock Miscellaneous Manufactur
Move Inc (MOVE) MOVE:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Services
Moxian China Inc (MOXC) MOXC:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Moxian Group Holdings Inc (MOXG) MOXG:US Common Stock Internet Content-Entmnt
MP Evans Group PLC (MPEVF) MPEVF:US Common Stock Agricultural Operations
mPhase Technologies Inc (XDSL) XDSL:US Common Stock Telecom Services
MPI (MNIGF) MNIGF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
MPM Technologies Inc (MPML) MPML:US Common Stock Air Pollution Control Eq
Mr Price Group Ltd (MRPLY) MRPLY:US ADR Retail-Misc/Diversified
MRC Global Inc (MRC) MRC:US Common Stock Oil-Field Services
MRI Interventions Inc (MRIC) MRIC:US Common Stock MRI Equipment
MRV Communications Inc (MRVC) MRVC:US Common Stock Telecom Eq Fiber Optics
MRV Engenharia e Participacoes SA (MRVNY) MRVNY:US ADR Bldg-Residential/Commer
MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings (MSADF) MSADF:US Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings (MSADY) MSADY:US ADR Property/Casualty Ins
MSA Safety Inc (MSA) MSA:US Common Stock Environ Monitoring&Det
MSB Financial Corp (MSBF) MSBF:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Eastern US
MSC Industrial Direct Co Inc (MSM) MSM:US Common Stock Retail-Catalog Shopping
MSCI Inc (MSCI) MSCI:US Common Stock Decision Support Softwar
MSE Enviro-Tech Corp (MEVT) MEVT:US Common Stock Consulting Services
MSGI Security Solutions Inc (MSGI) MSGI:US Common Stock Electronic Secur Devices
MSO Holdings Inc (MHLG) MHLG:US Common Stock Medical-Outptnt/Home Med
MTM Technologies Inc (MTMC) MTMC:US Common Stock Computer Services
MTN Group Ltd (MTNOF) MTNOF:US Common Stock Cellular Telecom
MTN Group Ltd (MTNOY) MTNOY:US ADR Cellular Telecom
MTR Corp Ltd (MTRJY) MTRJY:US ADR Transport-Rail
MTR Corp Ltd (MTRJF) MTRJF:US Common Stock Transport-Rail
MTR Gaming Group Inc (MNTG) MNTG:US Common Stock Casino Hotels
MTS Systems Corp (MTSC) MTSC:US Common Stock Computers-Integrated Sys
MTU Aero Engines AG (MTUAY) MTUAY:US ADR Aerospace/Defense
MTY Food Group Inc (MTYFF) MTYFF:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Mueller Industries Inc (MLI) MLI:US Common Stock Metal Processors&Fabrica
Mueller Water Products Inc (MWA) MWA:US Common Stock Steel Pipe&Tube
Muenchener Rueckversicherungs AG (MURGF) MURGF:US Common Stock Reinsurance
Muenchener Rueckversicherungs AG (MURGY) MURGY:US ADR Reinsurance
Mullen Group Ltd (MLLGF) MLLGF:US Common Stock Oil-Field Services
Multi Soft II Inc (MSOF) MSOF:US Common Stock Specified Purpose Acquis
Multi Solutions II Inc (MUSS) MUSS:US Common Stock Specified Purpose Acquis
Multi-Color Corp (LABL) LABL:US Common Stock Printing-Commercial
Multi-Corp International Inc (MULI) MULI:US Common Stock Applications Software
Multi-Fineline Electronix Inc (MFLX) MFLX:US Common Stock Circuit Boards
Multi-Media Tutorial Services (MMTS) MMTS:US Common Stock Educational Software
MultiCell Technologies Inc (MCET) MCET:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Multicom Publishing Inc (MNET) MNET:US Common Stock Educational Software
Multicorp International Inc (MCIC) MCIC:US Common Stock Medical-Outptnt/Home Med
Multimedia Games Holding Co Inc (MGAM) MGAM:US Common Stock Casino Services
Multiplayer Online Dragon Inc (MYDR) MYDR:US Common Stock Web Portals/ISP
Muncy Bank Financial Inc (MYBF) MYBF:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Mundoro Capital Inc (MUNMF) MUNMF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Mundus Group Inc (MNDP) MNDP:US Common Stock Investment Companies
Municipal Mortgage & Equity LLC (MMAB) MMAB:US Common Stock Finance-Mtge Loan/Banker
Municipal Payment Systems Inc (MCPY) MCPY:US Common Stock Applications Software
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd (MRAAY) MRAAY:US ADR Electronic Compo-Misc
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd (MRAAF) MRAAF:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
Murgor Resources Inc (MGRRF) MGRRF:US Common Stock Precious Metals
Murphy Oil Corp (MUR) MUR:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Murphy USA Inc (MUSA) MUSA:US Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Murray & Roberts Holdings Ltd (MURZY) MURZY:US ADR Building&Construct-Misc
MusclePharm Corp (MSLP) MSLP:US Common Stock Beverages-Non-alcoholic
Musgrove Minerals Corp (MGSGF) MGSGF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Music of Your Life Inc (MYLI) MYLI:US Common Stock Multimedia
Mustang Alliances Inc (MSTG) MSTG:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Mustang Minerals Corp (MSMGF) MSMGF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Mutual Federal Bancorp Inc (MFDB) MFDB:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Central US
Mutual Merchant Services Inc (MUTM) MUTM:US Common Stock Finance-Mtge Loan/Banker
MutualFirst Financial Inc (MFSF) MFSF:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Central US
MV Oil Trust (MVO) MVO:US Royalty Trst Oil-US Royalty Trusts
MVB Financial Corp (MVBF) MVBF:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
MVC Capital Inc (MVC) MVC:US Common Stock Investment Companies
Mvive Inc (MVIV) MVIV:US Common Stock Computer Software
Mwana Africa PLC (MWNAF) MWNAF:US Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
MWI Veterinary Supply Inc (MWIV) MWIV:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
My Screen Mobile Inc (MYSL) MYSL:US Common Stock E-Marketing/Info
My Social Income Inc (MSOAD) MSOAD:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
My Vintage Baby Inc (MVBY) MVBY:US Common Stock Apparel Manufacturers
myContactCard Inc (MYCT) MYCT:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
MyEcheck Inc (MYEC) MYEC:US Common Stock Commercial Serv-Finance
Myers Industries Inc (MYE) MYE:US Common Stock Rubber/Plastic Products
mYFreightWorld Technologies Inc (MYFT) MYFT:US Common Stock Transport-Truck
Mylan Inc/PA (MYL) MYL:US Common Stock Medical-Generic Drugs
Mymetics Corp (MYMX) MYMX:US Common Stock Therapeutics
MYOS Corp (MYOS) MYOS:US Common Stock Retail-Vitamins/Nutr Sup Inc (MPPCQ) MPPCQ:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Services
MYR Group Inc (MYRG) MYRG:US Common Stock Building&Construct-Misc
Myrexis Inc (MYRX) MYRX:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Myriad Entertainment & Resorts Inc (MYRA) MYRA:US Common Stock Resorts/Theme Parks
Myriad Genetics Inc (MYGN) MYGN:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Myriad Interactive Media Inc (MYRY) MYRY:US Common Stock Advertising Services
MySkin Inc (MYSK) MYSK:US Common Stock Medical-Outptnt/Home Med
MyWeb (MWEB) MWEB:US Common Stock Internet Connectiv Svcs
N-Viro International Corp (NVIC) NVIC:US Common Stock Alternative Waste Tech
Nabors Industries Ltd (NBR) NBR:US Common Stock Oil&Gas Drilling
Nabtesco Corp (NCTKF) NCTKF:US Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
NACCO Industries Inc (NC) NC:US Common Stock Machinery-Material Handl
Nacel Energy Corp (NCEN) NCEN:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) NDYN:US Common Stock Telecom Services
NagaCorp Ltd (NGCRF) NGCRF:US Common Stock Casino Hotels
NagaCorp Ltd (NGCRY) NGCRY:US ADR Casino Hotels
NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc (NKWFF) NKWFF:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Naked Brand Group Inc (NAKD) NAKD:US Common Stock Apparel Manufacturers
Nam Tai Property Inc (NTE) NTE:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
Namco Bandai Holdings Inc (NCBDF) NCBDF:US Common Stock Toys
Namibia Rare Earths Inc (NMREF) NMREF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Nampak Ltd (NPKLY) NPKLY:US ADR Containers-Paper/Plastic
Nan Hai Corp Ltd (NANHF) NANHF:US Common Stock Computer Services
Nano Labs Corp (CTLE) CTLE:US Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Inc (NNBP) NNBP:US Common Stock Therapeutics
Nanoco Group PLC (NNOCF) NNOCF:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
NanoFlex Power Corp (OPVS) OPVS:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Nanogen Inc (NGEN) NGEN:US Common Stock Medical Instruments
NanoLogix Inc (NNLX) NNLX:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Nanometrics Inc (NANO) NANO:US Common Stock Semiconductor Equipment
Nanophase Technologies Corp (NANX) NANX:US Common Stock Advanced Materials/Prd
NanoSensors Inc (NNSR) NNSR:US Common Stock Electronic Measur Instr
Nanosonics Ltd (NNCSF) NNCSF:US Common Stock Medical Steriliz Product
Nanosphere Inc (NSPH) NSPH:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Nanostart AG (NASRY) NASRY:US ADR Venture Capital
NanoString Technologies Inc (NSTG) NSTG:US Common Stock Medical Products
Nanostruck Technologies Inc (NSKTF) NSKTF:US Common Stock Precious Metals
NanoTech Entertainment Inc (NTEK) NTEK:US Common Stock Leisure&Rec Products
Nanotech Security Corp (NTSFF) NTSFF:US Common Stock Electronic Secur Devices
NanoViricides Inc (NNVC) NNVC:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
NAPCO Security Technologies Inc (NSSC) NSSC:US Common Stock Electronic Secur Devices
Naprodis Inc (NAPO) NAPO:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Narrowstep Inc (NRWS) NRWS:US Common Stock Computer Software
NASB Financial Inc (NASB) NASB:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Central US
Nascent Wine Co Inc (NCTW) NCTW:US Common Stock Food-Wholesale/Distrib
NASDAQ OMX Group Inc/The (NDAQ) NDAQ:US Common Stock Finance-Other Services
Naspers Ltd (NPSNY) NPSNY:US ADR Multimedia
Naspers Ltd (NAPRF) NAPRF:US Common Stock Multimedia
Natcore Technology Inc (NTCXF) NTCXF:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Nathan's Famous Inc (NATH) NATH:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Nation Energy Inc (NEGY) NEGY:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
National American University Holdings Inc (NAUH) NAUH:US Common Stock Schools
National Asset Recovery Corp (REPO) REPO:US Common Stock Commercial Serv-Finance
National Australia Bank Ltd (NAUBF) NAUBF:US Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
National Australia Bank Ltd (NABZY) NABZY:US ADR Commer Banks Non-US
National Automation Services Inc (NASV) NASV:US Common Stock Computer Software
National Bancshares Inc/Bettendorf IA (NABA) NABA:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
National Bancshares Corp/OH (NBOH) NBOH:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
National Bank Holdings Corp (NBHC) NBHC:US Common Stock Specified Purpose Acquis
National Bank of Canada (NTIOF) NTIOF:US Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
National Bank of Coxsackie/NY (NCXS) NCXS:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
National Bank of Greece SA (NBG) NBG:US ADR Commer Banks Non-US
National Bank of Greece SA (NBGIF) NBGIF:US Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
National Bankshares Inc (NKSH) NKSH:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
National Beverage Corp (FIZZ) FIZZ:US Common Stock Beverages-Non-alcoholic
National Capital Bank of Washington/The (NACB) NACB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
National CineMedia Inc (NCMI) NCMI:US Common Stock Theaters
National Commercial Bank of Jamaica Ltd (NCJ) NCJ:US ADR Commer Banks Non-US
National Express Group PLC (NXPGF) NXPGF:US Common Stock Transport-Services
National Fuel Gas Co (NFG) NFG:US Common Stock Gas-Distribution
National General Holdings Corp (NGHC) NGHC:US Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
National Graphite Corp (NGRC) NGRC:US Common Stock Silver Mining
National Grid PLC (NGGTF) NGGTF:US Common Stock Gas-Distribution
National Grid PLC (NGG) NGG:US ADR Gas-Distribution
National Health Investors Inc (NHI) NHI:US REIT REITS-Diversified
National Health Partners Inc (NHPR) NHPR:US Common Stock Health Care Cost Contain
National Health Scan Inc (NHSN) NHSN:US Common Stock MRI/Medical Diag Imaging
National Healthcare Corp (NHC) NHC:US Common Stock Medical-Nursing Homes
National Holdings Corp (NHLD) NHLD:US Common Stock Finance-Invest Bnkr/Brkr
National Instruments Corp (NATI) NATI:US Common Stock Electronic Measur Instr
National Interstate Corp (NATL) NATL:US Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
National Investment Managers Inc (NIVM) NIVM:US Common Stock Diversified Operations