Companies listed in USA

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In-Touch Survey Systems Ltd (INXSF) INXSF:US Common Stock Commercial Services
Inca One Resources Corp (INCAF) INCAF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Incentra Solutions Inc (ICNSQ) ICNSQ:US Common Stock Data Processing/Mgmt
Inception Mining Inc (IMII) IMII:US Common Stock Precious Metals
Inchcape PLC (IHCPY) IHCPY:US ADR Distribution/Wholesale
Incitec Pivot Ltd (ICPVF) ICPVF:US Common Stock Agricultural Chemicals
Incitec Pivot Ltd (ICPVY) ICPVY:US ADR Agricultural Chemicals
Income Opportunity Realty Investors Inc (IOT) IOT:US REIT REITS-Diversified
Incoming Inc (ICNN) ICNN:US Common Stock Investment Companies
inContact Inc (SAAS) SAAS:US Common Stock Applications Software
Incumaker Inc (QMKR) QMKR:US Common Stock Diversified Operations
Incyte Corp Ltd (INCY) INCY:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Independence Bancshares Inc/SC (IEBS) IEBS:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Independence Bank/Newport Beach CA (IDPK) IDPK:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Independence Energy Corp (IDNG) IDNG:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Independence Gold Corp (IEGCF) IEGCF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Independence Group NL (IPGDF) IPGDF:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Independence Holding Co (IHC) IHC:US Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
Independence Realty Trust Inc (IRT) IRT:US REIT REITS-Apartments
Independence Resources PLC (SNKTY) SNKTY:US ADR Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Independent Alliance Banks Inc (IALB) IALB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Independent Bancshares Inc/FL (IBFL) IBFL:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Independent Bank Corp/Rockland MA (INDB) INDB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Independent Bank Corp/MI (IBCP) IBCP:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Independent Bank Group Inc (IBTX) IBTX:US Common Stock Super-Regional Banks-US
Independent Film Development Corp (IFLM) IFLM:US Common Stock Investment Companies
Indesit Co SpA (IDTCF) IDTCF:US Common Stock Appliances
Index Oil & Gas Inc (IXOG) IXOG:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
India Ecommerce Corp (IEEC) IEEC:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Services
India Globalization Capital Inc (IGC) IGC:US Common Stock Building-Heavy Construct
India Globalization Capital Inc (IGCIU) IGCIU:US Unit Building-Heavy Construct
Indiana Business Bancorp (IBBI) IBBI:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Indiana Natural Gas Corp (INNG) INNG:US Common Stock Gas-Distribution
Indie Growers Association (VKMLD) VKMLD:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Indie Ranch Media Inc (INDR) INDR:US Common Stock Motion Pictures&Services
Indiepub Entertainment Inc (IPUB) IPUB:US Common Stock Entertainment Software
Indigo-Energy Inc (IDGG) IDGG:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Inditex SA (IDEXF) IDEXF:US Common Stock Retail-Apparel/Shoe
Inditex SA (IDEXY) IDEXY:US ADR Retail-Apparel/Shoe
Indo Global Exchanges Pte. Ltd (IGEX) IGEX:US Common Stock Finance-Other Services
Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk PT (ITAYY) ITAYY:US ADR Coal
Indocan Resources Inc (IDCN) IDCN:US Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk PT (PITPY) PITPY:US ADR Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Indofood Agri Resources Ltd (INDFY) INDFY:US ADR Agricultural Operations
Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk PT (PIFFY) PIFFY:US ADR Food-Misc/Diversified
Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk PT (PIFMF) PIFMF:US Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk PT (PIFMY) PIFMY:US ADR Food-Misc/Diversified
Indoor Harvest Corp (0960418D) 0960418D:US Common Stock Machinery-Farm
Indorama Ventures PCL (INDOY) INDOY:US ADR Chemicals-Fibers
Indosat Tbk PT (PTITF) PTITF:US Common Stock Telecom Services
Indosat Tbk PT (PTINY) PTINY:US ADR Telecom Services
Indra Sistemas SA (ISMAF) ISMAF:US Common Stock Computer Services
Indra Sistemas SA (ISMAY) ISMAY:US ADR Computer Services
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd (IDCBF) IDCBF:US Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd (IDCBY) IDCBY:US ADR Commer Banks Non-US
Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial Services Inc (IDLLF) IDLLF:US Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
Industrial Enterprises of America Inc (IEAM) IEAM:US Common Stock Chemicals-Diversified
Industrial Nanotech Inc (INTK) INTK:US Common Stock Research&Development
Industrial Services of America Inc (IDSA) IDSA:US Common Stock Recycling
Industrial Services Acquisition Corp (635587Z) 635587Z:US Common Stock Specified Purpose Acquis
Industrialex Manufacturing Corp (IDXMF) IDXMF:US Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Industrias Bachoco SAB de CV (IBA) IBA:US ADR Poultry
Industrias CH SAB de CV (ICHBF) ICHBF:US Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
Industrias Penoles SAB de CV (IPOAF) IPOAF:US Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Industrivarden AB (IDTVF) IDTVF:US Common Stock Diversified Operations
Inelco Corp (INLC) INLC:US Common Stock Lighting Products&Sys
Inergetics Inc (NRTI) NRTI:US Common Stock Vitamins&Nutrition Prod
InferX Corp (NFRX) NFRX:US Common Stock Applications Software
Infineon Technologies AG (IFNNF) IFNNF:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Infineon Technologies AG (IFNNY) IFNNY:US ADR Electronic Compo-Semicon
Infinera Corp (INFN) INFN:US Common Stock Networking Products
Infinex Ventures Inc (INFX) INFX:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Infinite Graphics Inc (INFG) INFG:US Common Stock Computer Graphics
Infinite Group Inc (IMCI) IMCI:US Common Stock Computer Services
Infinite Networks Corp (INNX) INNX:US Common Stock Research&Development
INFINITE Software Corp (IFSC) IFSC:US Common Stock Applications Software
Infinite Technology Corp /DE (ITCJ) ITCJ:US Common Stock Retail-Home Furnishings
Infinito Gold Ltd (IGFFF) IGFFF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Infinity Augmented Reality Inc (ALSO) ALSO:US Common Stock Computer Software
Infinity Energy Resources Inc (IFNY) IFNY:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Infinity Medical Group Inc (IMGR) IMGR:US Common Stock Diversified Finan Serv
Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc (INFI) INFI:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Infinity Property & Casualty Corp (IPCC) IPCC:US Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Infoblox Inc (BLOX) BLOX:US Common Stock Applications Software
InfoLinx Communications Ltd (IFNX) IFNX:US Common Stock Multimedia
Infonow Corp (INOW) INOW:US Common Stock E-Services/Consulting
Informa PLC (IFPJF) IFPJF:US Common Stock Multimedia
Informa PLC (IFJPY) IFJPY:US ADR Multimedia
Informatica Corp (INFA) INFA:US Common Stock Enterprise Software/Serv
Information Analysis Inc (IAIC) IAIC:US Common Stock Computer Services
Information Architects Corp (IACH) IACH:US Common Stock E-Services/Consulting
Information Services Group Inc (III) III:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Information Systems Associates Inc/United States (IOSA) IOSA:US Common Stock Applications Software
InfoSearch Media Inc (ISHM) ISHM:US Common Stock Internet Content-Info/Ne
Infosmart Group Inc (IFSG) IFSG:US Common Stock Computers-Memory Devices
Infosonics Corp (IFON) IFON:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Infosys Ltd (INFY) INFY:US ADR Computer Services
Infraestructura Energetica Nova SAB de CV (IENVF) IENVF:US Common Stock Electric-Distribution
Infrastructure Developments Corp (IDVC) IDVC:US Common Stock Engineering/R&D Services
Infrastructure Materials Corp (IFAM) IFAM:US Common Stock Quarrying
Infrax Systems Inc (IFXY) IFXY:US Common Stock Telecommunication Equip
Infusion Brands International Inc (INBI) INBI:US Common Stock Retail-Misc/Diversified
InfuSystems Holdings Inc (INFU) INFU:US Common Stock Medical Products
ING Groep NV (ING) ING:US ADR Life/Health Insurance
ING Groep NV (INGVF) INGVF:US Dutch Cert Life/Health Insurance
Ingen Technologies Inc (IGNT) IGNT:US Common Stock Electronic Secur Devices
Ingenico (INGIY) INGIY:US ADR Computers-Integrated Sys
Ingenico (INGIF) INGIF:US Common Stock Computers-Integrated Sys
Ingersoll-Rand PLC (IR) IR:US Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
Ingles Markets Inc (IMKTA) IMKTA:US Common Stock Food-Retail
Ingram Micro Inc (IM) IM:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Ingredion Inc (INGR) INGR:US Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Initio Inc (INTO) INTO:US Common Stock Consulting Services
InkSure Technologies Inc (INKS) INKS:US Common Stock Identification Sys/Dev
Inland American Real Estate Trust Inc (IARE) IARE:US Common Stock Property Trust
Inland Land Appreciation Fund (INZZZ) INZZZ:US Ltd Part Real Estate Oper/Develop
Inland Real Estate Corp (IRC) IRC:US REIT REITS-Shopping Centers
Inmarsat PLC (IMASF) IMASF:US Common Stock Satellite Telecom
Inmarsat PLC (IMASY) IMASY:US ADR Satellite Telecom
Inmuebles Carso SAB de CV (IBYNY) IBYNY:US ADR Real Estate Oper/Develop
Inmuebles Carso SAB de CV (IBYNF) IBYNF:US Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Innate Pharma SA (IPHYF) IPHYF:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc (INGXF) INGXF:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
InnerWorkings Inc (INWK) INWK:US Common Stock Transactional Software
Innexus Biotechnology Inc (IXSBF) IXSBF:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Innocap Inc (INNO) INNO:US Common Stock Advanced Materials/Prd
Innocent Inc (INCT) INCT:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Innocom Technology Holdings Inc (INCM) INCM:US Common Stock Engineering/R&D Services
Innodata Inc (INOD) INOD:US Common Stock Data Processing/Mgmt
Innolog Holdings Corp (INHC) INHC:US Common Stock Transport-Services
Innophos Holdings Inc (IPHS) IPHS:US Common Stock Chemicals-Diversified
Innospec Inc (IOSP) IOSP:US Common Stock Chemicals-Diversified
Innovaro Inc (INNI) INNI:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Innovation Group PLC (INVGF) INVGF:US Common Stock Decision Support Softwar
Innovative Beverage Group Holdings Inc (IBGH) IBGH:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Innovative Card Technologies Inc (INVC) INVC:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
Innovative Composites International Inc (ICIZF) ICIZF:US Common Stock Advanced Materials/Prd
Innovative Designs Inc (IVDN) IVDN:US Common Stock Leisure&Rec Products
Innovative Food Holdings Inc (IVFH) IVFH:US Common Stock Food-Wholesale/Distrib
Innovative Holdings Alliance Inc (IHAI) IHAI:US Common Stock Investment Companies
Innovative Product Opportunities Inc (IPRU) IPRU:US Common Stock Commercial Services
Innovative Software Technologies Inc (INIV) INIV:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Products
Innovative Solutions & Support Inc (ISSC) ISSC:US Common Stock Aerospace/Defense-Equip
Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc (INNV) INNV:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
InnSuites Hospitality Trust (IHT) IHT:US Common Stock Hotels&Motels
InnVest Real Estate Investment Trust (IVRVF) IVRVF:US REIT REITS-Hotels
Inogen Inc (INGN) INGN:US Common Stock Respiratory Products
InoLife Technologies Inc (INOL) INOL:US Common Stock Medical Labs&Testing Srv
Inova Technology Inc (INVA) INVA:US Common Stock Security Services
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (INO) INO:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Inpex Corp (IPXHY) IPXHY:US ADR Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Inpex Corp (IPXHF) IPXHF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Inphi Corp (IPHI) IPHI:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Input Capital Corp (INPCF) INPCF:US Common Stock Diversified Finan Serv
Inrad Optics Inc (INRD) INRD:US Common Stock Advanced Materials/Prd
Inrob Tech Ltd (IRBL) IRBL:US Common Stock Engineering/R&D Services
Inscor Inc (IOGA) IOGA:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Inside Secure SA (ISDCF) ISDCF:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Insight Enterprises Inc (NSIT) NSIT:US Common Stock Computer Services
Insight ID Inc (INII) INII:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Insight Management Corp (CPCC) CPCC:US Common Stock Consulting Services
Insignia Systems Inc (ISIG) ISIG:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
Insite Vision Inc (INSV) INSV:US Common Stock Drug Delivery Systems
Insmed Inc (INSM) INSM:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Insperity Inc (NSP) NSP:US Common Stock Human Resources
Inspiration Lead Co Inc - Cl A (ILDIA) ILDIA:US Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Inspiration Mining Corp (IRMGF) IRMGF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Inspired Builders Inc (ISRB) ISRB:US Common Stock Bldg-Residential/Commer
InspireMD Inc (NSPR) NSPR:US Common Stock Medical Products
InsPro Technologies Corp (ITCC) ITCC:US Common Stock Enterprise Software/Serv
Installed Building Products Inc (IBP) IBP:US Common Stock Bldg-Residential/Commer
Insteel Industries Inc (IIIN) IIIN:US Common Stock Wire&Cable Products
Institutional Financial Markets Inc (IFMI) IFMI:US Common Stock Invest Mgmnt/Advis Serv
Instructivision Inc (ISTC) ISTC:US Common Stock Educational Software
Insulet Corp (PODD) PODD:US Common Stock Patient Monitoring Equip
Insurance Australia Group Ltd (IAUGF) IAUGF:US Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Insurance Australia Group Ltd (IAUGY) IAUGY:US ADR Property/Casualty Ins
Insynergy Products Inc (ISYG) ISYG:US Common Stock Direct Marketing
Insys Therapeutics Inc (INSY) INSY:US Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Intact Financial Corp (IFCZF) IFCZF:US Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Integra Bank Corp (IBNKQ) IBNKQ:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Integra Gold Corp (ICGQF) ICGQF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp (IART) IART:US Common Stock Medical Instruments
Integral Technologies Inc (ITKG) ITKG:US Common Stock Research&Development
Integral Vision Inc (INVI) INVI:US Common Stock Industrial Automat/Robot
Integrated Biopharma Inc (INBP) INBP:US Common Stock Vitamins&Nutrition Prod
Integrated Business Systems & Services Inc (IBSS) IBSS:US Common Stock Decision Support Softwar
Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (IGPK) IGPK:US Common Stock Computers-Integrated Sys
Integrated Device Technology Inc (IDTI) IDTI:US Common Stock Semicon Compo-Intg Circu
Integrated Drilling Equipment Holdings Corp (IRIG) IRIG:US Common Stock Electric Products-Misc
Integrated Drilling Equipment Holdings Corp (IRIGU) IRIGU:US Unit Electric Products-Misc
Integrated Electric Systems Corp (ISSP) ISSP:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Integrated Electrical Services Inc (IESC) IESC:US Common Stock Building&Construct-Misc
Integrated Environmental Technologies Ltd (IEVM) IEVM:US Common Stock Chemicals-Specialty
Integrated Freight Corp (IFCR) IFCR:US Common Stock Transport-Truck
Integrated Healthcare Holdings Inc (IHCH) IHCH:US Common Stock Medical-Hospitals
Integrated Inpatient Solutions Inc (INPT) INPT:US Common Stock Health Care Cost Contain
Integrated Pharmaceuticals Inc (INTP) INTP:US Common Stock Therapeutics
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc (ISSI) ISSI:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Integrated Surgical Systems (ISSM) ISSM:US Common Stock Medical Instruments