Companies listed in USA

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Eurocash SA (EUSHY) EUSHY:US ADR Food-Wholesale/Distrib
Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc (EUCTF) EUCTF:US Common Stock Electronic Measur Instr
Eurofins Scientific SE (ERFSF) ERFSF:US Common Stock Medical Labs&Testing Srv
Euromax Resources Ltd (EOXFF) EOXFF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Euronav NV (EONVF) EONVF:US Common Stock Transport-Marine
Euronet Worldwide Inc (EEFT) EEFT:US Common Stock Commercial Serv-Finance
European Uranium Resources Ltd (EUUNF) EUUNF:US Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Euroseas Ltd (ESEA) ESEA:US Common Stock Transport-Marine
EuroSite Power Inc (EUSP) EUSP:US Common Stock Electric-Distribution
Eurosport Active World Corp (EAWD) EAWD:US Common Stock Water Treatment Systems
Eurotech Ltd/United States (EUOT) EUOT:US Common Stock Commercial Services
Eutelsat Communications SA (EUTLF) EUTLF:US Common Stock Satellite Telecom
Eutelsat Communications SA (EUTLY) EUTLY:US ADR Satellite Telecom
EV Transportation Inc (EVTP) EVTP:US Common Stock Rental Auto/Equipment
Evader Corp (EVDR) EVDR:US Common Stock Motorcycle/Motor Scooter
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp (ESCC) ESCC:US Common Stock Computers-Integrated Sys
Evans Bancorp Inc (EVBN) EVBN:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
Evcarco Inc (EVCA) EVCA:US Common Stock Retail-Automobile
EVCI Career Colleges Holding Corp (EVCI) EVCI:US Common Stock Schools
Eventure Interactive Inc (EVTI) EVTI:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
Ever-Glory International Group Inc (EVK) EVK:US Common Stock Apparel Manufacturers
EverBank Financial Corp (EVER) EVER:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Southern US
Evercel Inc (EVRC) EVRC:US Common Stock Batteries/Battery Sys
Evercore Partners Inc (EVR) EVR:US Common Stock Finance-Invest Bnkr/Brkr
Everest Re Group Ltd (RE) RE:US Common Stock Reinsurance
Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd (EGRNF) EGRNF:US Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Evergreen Energy Inc (EVEIQ) EVEIQ:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Evergreen-Agra Inc (EGRN) EGRN:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Everlert Inc (EVLI) EVLI:US Common Stock Electronic Secur Devices
Evermedia Group Inc/The (EVRM) EVRM:US Common Stock Identification Sys/Dev
Everock Inc (EVRN) EVRN:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
EVERTEC Inc (EVTC) EVTC:US Common Stock Commercial Serv-Finance
Everton Resources Inc (EVRRF) EVRRF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Everybody's Phone Co (EVPH) EVPH:US Common Stock Telecom Services
Everyday Health Inc (EVDY) EVDY:US Common Stock Medical Information Sys
EveryWare Global Inc (EVRY) EVRY:US Common Stock Housewares
EVN AG (EVNVY) EVNVY:US ADR Electric-Integrated
Evogene Ltd (EVGN) EVGN:US Common Stock Agricultural Biotech
Evoke Pharma Inc (EVOK) EVOK:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Evolucia Inc (ILED) ILED:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Evolution Fuels Inc (EVFN) EVFN:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Evolution Mining Ltd (CAHPF) CAHPF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Evolution Petroleum Corp (EPM) EPM:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Evolution Solar Corp (EVSO) EVSO:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Evolva Holding SA (ELVAF) ELVAF:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Evolving Gold Corp (EVOGF) EVOGF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Evolving Systems Inc (EVOL) EVOL:US Common Stock Applications Software
Evonik Industries AG (EVKIF) EVKIF:US Common Stock Chemicals-Diversified
EVOQ Properties Inc (EVOQ) EVOQ:US Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Evotec AG (EVTCY) EVTCY:US ADR Research&Development
Evotec AG (EVOTF) EVOTF:US Common Stock Research&Development
Evraz Highveld Steel and Vanadium Ltd (HGVLY) HGVLY:US ADR Steel-Producers
Evrim Resources Corp (EMRRF) EMRRF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
EVS Broadcast Equipment SA (EVSBY) EVSBY:US ADR Industr Audio&Video Prod
EW Scripps Co (SSP) SSP:US Common Stock Multimedia
eWorld Cos Inc (EWRC) EWRC:US Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
Exa Corp (EXA) EXA:US Common Stock Computer Aided Design
EXA Inc (EXAI) EXAI:US Common Stock Leisure&Rec Products
Exact Sciences Corp (EXAS) EXAS:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Exactech Inc (EXAC) EXAC:US Common Stock Medical Products
Exall Energy Corp (EXGYF) EXGYF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
ExamWorks Group Inc (EXAM) EXAM:US Common Stock Health Care Cost Contain
Exar Corp (EXAR) EXAR:US Common Stock Semicon Compo-Intg Circu
Excalibur Resources Ltd (EXCFF) EXCFF:US Common Stock Precious Metals
Exceed Co Ltd (EDS) EDS:US Common Stock Apparel Manufacturers
Excel Corp (EXCC) EXCC:US Common Stock Advertising Services
Excel Trust Inc (EXL) EXL:US REIT REITS-Shopping Centers
Excellon Resources Inc (EXLLF) EXLLF:US Common Stock Silver Mining
Excelsior Mining Corp (EXMGF) EXMGF:US Common Stock Capital Pools
Excelsis Investments Inc (EXSL) EXSL:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Services
Exchange Bank/Santa Rosa CA (EXSR) EXSR:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Exchange Bankshares Inc/GA (EXCH) EXCH:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Exchange Income Corp (EIFZF) EIFZF:US Common Stock Diversified Operations
EXCO Resources Inc (XCO) XCO:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Exco Technologies Ltd (EXCOF) EXCOF:US Common Stock Mach Tools&Rel Products
Exelis Inc (XLS) XLS:US Common Stock Aerospace/Defense-Equip
Exelixis Inc (EXEL) EXEL:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Exelon Corp (EXC) EXC:US Common Stock Electric-Integrated
Exeo Entertainment Inc (EXEO) EXEO:US Common Stock Audio/Video Products
Exercise For Life Systems Inc (EFLS) EFLS:US Common Stock Recreational Centers
Exergetic Energy Inc (XNGR) XNGR:US Common Stock Electric-Distribution
Exeter Resource Corp (XRA) XRA:US Common Stock Gold Mining
EXFO Inc (EXFO) EXFO:US Common Stock Telecom Eq Fiber Optics
Exhaust Technologies Inc (EXHS) EXHS:US Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Repl
Exide Technologies (XIDEQ) XIDEQ:US Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Repl
Exiqon A/S (EXQNF) EXQNF:US Common Stock Research&Development
Exlites Holdings International Inc (EXHI) EXHI:US Common Stock Lighting Products&Sys
ExlService Holdings Inc (EXLS) EXLS:US Common Stock Commercial Services
Exmar NV (EXMRF) EXMRF:US Common Stock Transport-Marine
EXO U Inc (EXOXF) EXOXF:US Common Stock Enterprise Software/Serv
Exobox Technologies Corp (EXBX) EXBX:US Common Stock Internet Security
ExOne Co/The (XONE) XONE:US Common Stock Machinery-Print Trade
Exor SpA (EXOSF) EXOSF:US Common Stock Investment Companies
eXp Realty Intl Corp (EXPI) EXPI:US Common Stock Internet Content-Info/Ne
Expedia Inc (EXPE) EXPE:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Services
Expedition Mining Inc (UULFF) UULFF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Expeditors International of Washington Inc (EXPD) EXPD:US Common Stock Transport-Services
Experian PLC (EXPGF) EXPGF:US Common Stock Commercial Serv-Finance
Experian PLC (EXPGY) EXPGY:US ADR Commercial Serv-Finance
Experience Art and Design Inc (EXAD) EXAD:US Common Stock Collectibles
Explor Resources Inc (EXSFF) EXSFF:US Common Stock Gold Mining
Explore Anywhere Holding Corp (EAHC) EAHC:US Common Stock Applications Software
Expo Holding Inc (EXPH) EXPH:US Common Stock Bldg Prod-Wood
Exponent Inc (EXPO) EXPO:US Common Stock Engineering/R&D Services
Express Inc (EXPR) EXPR:US Common Stock Retail-Apparel/Shoe
Express Scripts Holding Co (ESRX) ESRX:US Common Stock Pharmacy Services
Extended Stay America Inc (STAY) STAY:US Unit Hotels&Motels
Extendicare Inc (EXETF) EXETF:US Common Stock Phys Therapy/Rehab Cntrs
Exterran Holdings Inc (EXH) EXH:US Common Stock Oil-Field Services
Extra Space Storage Inc (EXR) EXR:US REIT REITS-Storage
Extreme Biodiesel Inc (XTRM) XTRM:US Common Stock Oil Refining&Marketing
Extreme Motorsports of California Inc (EMOC) EMOC:US Common Stock Auto-Cars/Light Trucks
Extreme Networks Inc (EXTR) EXTR:US Common Stock Networking Products
Exxaro Resources Ltd (EXXAY) EXXAY:US ADR Coal
Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM) XOM:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Eye On Media Network Inc (0959609D) 0959609D:US Common Stock Motion Pictures&Services Inc (ICTY) ICTY:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Products
Eyes On The Go Inc (AXCG) AXCG:US Common Stock Computer Software
EYI Industries Inc (EYII) EYII:US Common Stock Vitamins&Nutrition Prod
EZchip Semiconductor Ltd (EZCH) EZCH:US Common Stock Networking Products
Ezcorp Inc (EZPW) EZPW:US Common Stock Retail-Pawn Shops
Ezenia! Inc (EZENQ) EZENQ:US Common Stock Networking Products
Ezion Holdings Ltd (EZIDF) EZIDF:US Common Stock Marine Services
EZJR Inc (EZJR) EZJR:US Common Stock Finance-Consumer Loans
Ezra Holdings Ltd (EZRHY) EZRHY:US ADR Transport-Marine
Ezybonds PLC/UK (EZYYF) EZYYF:US Common Stock Finance-Other Services
F T Communications Co Ltd (FTCOF) FTCOF:US Common Stock Retail-Office Supplies
F&C Asset Management PLC (FCAFF) FCAFF:US Common Stock Invest Mgmnt/Advis Serv
F&M Bancorp/Ohio (FMOO) FMOO:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
F&M Bank Corp (FMBM) FMBM:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
F&T Financial Services Inc (FTFS) FTFS:US Common Stock S&L/Thrifts-Western US
F5 Networks Inc (FFIV) FFIV:US Common Stock Internet Infrastr Sftwr
F@N Communications Inc (FCMUF) FCMUF:US Common Stock E-Marketing/Info
FAB Universal Corp (FU) FU:US Common Stock E-Commerce/Products
Fabege AB (FBGBY) FBGBY:US ADR Real Estate Mgmnt/Servic
Fabrinet (FN) FN:US Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
Face Up Entertainment Group Inc (FUEG) FUEG:US Common Stock Internet Content-Entmnt
Facebook Inc (FB) FB:US Common Stock Internet Content-Entmnt
Fact Corp (FCTOA) FCTOA:US Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Factory 2 U Stores Inc (FTUSQ) FTUSQ:US Common Stock Retail-Discount
FactSet Research Systems Inc (FDS) FDS:US Common Stock Multimedia
Fair Isaac Corp (FICO) FICO:US Common Stock Data Processing/Mgmt
Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc (FCS) FCS:US Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd (FRFHF) FRFHF:US Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Fairmont Resources Inc (FRSSF) FRSSF:US Common Stock Precious Metals
Fairmount Bancorp Inc (FMTB) FMTB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Eastern US
FairPoint Communications Inc (FRP) FRP:US Common Stock Telecom Services
Fairway Group Holdings Corp (FWM) FWM:US Common Stock Food-Retail
Faiveley Transport SA (FVLEF) FVLEF:US Common Stock Miscellaneous Manufactur
FAL Exploration Corp (MINA) MINA:US Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Falco Pacific Resource Group I (FPRGF) FPRGF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Falcolnridge Oil Technologies Corp (FROT) FROT:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd (FOLGF) FOLGF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Falcon Technologies Inc (FLCN) FLCN:US Common Stock Wire&Cable Products
FalconStor Software Inc (FALC) FALC:US Common Stock Data Processing/Mgmt
Falken Industries Ltd/United States (FLKI) FLKI:US Common Stock Consumer Products-Misc
Falkland Oil & Gas Ltd (FLKOF) FLKOF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Fame Productions Inc (FMPR) FMPR:US Common Stock Multimedia
Family Dollar Stores Inc (FDO) FDO:US Common Stock Retail-Discount
Family Room Entertainment Corp (FMYR) FMYR:US Common Stock Motion Pictures&Services
FamilyMart Co Ltd (FYRTY) FYRTY:US ADR Retail-Convenience Store
Famous Brands Ltd (FMBRF) FMBRF:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Famous Brands Ltd (FMBRY) FMBRY:US ADR Retail-Restaurants
Famous Dave's of America Inc (DAVE) DAVE:US Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Fancamp Exploration Ltd (FNCJF) FNCJF:US Common Stock Metal-Diversified
FANUC Corp (FANUF) FANUF:US Common Stock Industrial Automat/Robot
FANUC Corp (FANUY) FANUY:US ADR Industrial Automat/Robot
Far East Energy Corp (FEEC) FEEC:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Far East Wind Power Corp (FEWP) FEWP:US Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
FAR Ltd (FARYF) FARYF:US Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
FAR Ltd (FARYY) FARYY:US ADR Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Far Vista Petroleum Corp (FVSTA) FVSTA:US Common Stock Entertainment Software
Farm Lands of Africa (FLAF) FLAF:US Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Farmer Bros Co (FARM) FARM:US Common Stock Coffee
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach/Long Beach CA (FMBL) FMBL:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Farmers & Merchants Bancshares Inc/IA (FMBN) FMBN:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Farmers & Merchants Bancorp Inc/Archbold OH (FMAO) FMAO:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Farmers & Merchants Bank/Upperco MD (FMFG) FMFG:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Farmers & Merchants Bancorp/Lodi CA (FMCB) FMCB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Western US
Farmers Bancorp (FABP) FABP:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Farmers Bank of Appomattox/Appomattox VA (FBPA) FBPA:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Farmers Capital Bank Corp (FFKT) FFKT:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Farmers National Banc Corp (FMNB) FMNB:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Farmland Partners Inc (FPI) FPI:US Common Stock Real Estate Mgmnt/Servic
FARO Technologies Inc (FARO) FARO:US Common Stock Electronic Measur Instr
Fashion House Holdings Inc/The (FHHIQ) FHHIQ:US Common Stock Footwear&Related Apparel
Fast Retailing Co Ltd (FRCOF) FRCOF:US Common Stock Retail-Apparel/Shoe
Fast Retailing Co Ltd (FRCOY) FRCOY:US ADR Retail-Apparel/Shoe
Fastenal Co (FAST) FAST:US Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
FastFunds Financial Corp (FFFC) FFFC:US Common Stock Commercial Serv-Finance
Fastjet PLC (FSJPF) FSJPF:US Common Stock Airlines
Fate Therapeutics Inc (FATE) FATE:US Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Fauquier Bankshares Inc (FBSS) FBSS:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US
Faurecia (FURCF) FURCF:US Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Favored Inc (FVRD) FVRD:US Common Stock Food-Meat Products
FBC Holdings Inc (FBCD) FBCD:US Common Stock Motorcycle/Motor Scooter
FBD Holdings PLC (FBDHY) FBDHY:US ADR Property/Casualty Ins
FBL Financial Group Inc (FFG) FFG:US Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
FBR & Co (FBRC) FBRC:US Common Stock Finance-Invest Bnkr/Brkr
FCB Bancorp Inc (FCBE) FCBE:US Common Stock Commer Banks-Southern US