Companies listed in Germany

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IBS Group Holding Ltd (IBSG) IBSG:GR GDR Computer Services
IC Companys A/S (ICO) ICO:GR Common Stock Apparel Manufacturers
IC Immobilien Holding AG (I7O) I7O:GR Common Stock Private Equity
IC Places Inc (7IC1) 7IC1:GR Common Stock Broadcast Serv/Program
IC Potash Corp (ECA1) ECA1:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
ICA Gruppen AB (H9I) H9I:GR Common Stock Food-Retail
ICADE (3IC) 3IC:GR REIT REITS-Office Property
ICAP PLC (GBNA) GBNA:GR Common Stock Finance-Invest Bnkr/Brkr
IceWEB Inc (IW1) IW1:GR Common Stock Internet Applic Sftwr
ICF International Inc (G6V) G6V:GR Common Stock Consulting Services
ICG Group Inc (IER1) IER1:GR Common Stock Enterprise Software/Serv
Ichor Coal NV (IO0) IO0:GR Common Stock Coal
ICICI Bank Ltd (ICBA) ICBA:GR ADR Commer Banks Non-US
ICO Therapeutics Inc (0IT) 0IT:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
iCollege Ltd (J08A) J08A:GR Common Stock Computers-Other
Icon Exploration Inc (31ID) 31ID:GR Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
ICON PLC (IJF) IJF:GR Common Stock Medical Labs&Testing Srv
Iconic Minerals Ltd (YQGB) YQGB:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
ICP Ltd (GD1L) GD1L:GR Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
ICT Automatisering NV (ICU) ICU:GR Common Stock Computer Software
ICTSI Jasa Prima Tbk PT (I3J) I3J:GR Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
ICU Medical Inc (IC7) IC7:GR Common Stock Disposable Medical Prod
ID Logistics Group (1ID) 1ID:GR Common Stock Storage/Warehousing
ID Systems Inc (IDY) IDY:GR Common Stock Wireless Equipment
IDACORP Inc (IDJ) IDJ:GR Common Stock Electric-Integrated
Idea Fabrik PLC (TI4) TI4:GR Common Stock Entertainment Software
Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd (I7B) I7B:GR Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc (NO9) NO9:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Identive Group Inc (INV) INV:GR Common Stock Electronic Secur Devices
Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc (HXXA) HXXA:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
IDEX Corp (ID7) ID7:GR Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
IDEXX Laboratories Inc (IX1) IX1:GR Common Stock Diagnostic Kits
IDT Corp (IDC2) IDC2:GR Common Stock Telephone-Integrated
IDT International Ltd (IIN) IIN:GR Common Stock Miscellaneous Manufactur
IEC Electronics Corp (IE1) IE1:GR Common Stock Circuit Boards
Ienergizer Ltd (9I1) 9I1:GR Common Stock Consulting Services
IEV Holdings Ltd (6IH) 6IH:GR Common Stock Oil-Field Services
IFA Hotel & Touristik AG (IFA) IFA:GR Common Stock Hotels&Motels
IFA Systems AG (IS8) IS8:GR Common Stock Computer Software
IFM Immobilien AG (IFM) IFM:GR Common Stock Real Estate Mgmnt/Servic
IFM Investments Ltd (IF2B) IF2B:GR ADR Real Estate Oper/Develop
IG Group Holdings PLC (I5G) I5G:GR Common Stock Finance-Other Services
IGAS Energy PLC (K1P2) K1P2:GR Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
iGATE Corp (MS4) MS4:GR Common Stock Computer Services
IGC Resources Inc (I6G) I6G:GR Common Stock Gold Mining
IGE + XAO (IXA) IXA:GR Common Stock Applications Software
IGG Inc (I91) I91:GR Common Stock Entertainment Software
IGM Financial Inc (C7G) C7G:GR Common Stock Invest Mgmnt/Advis Serv
Ignite Restaurant Group Inc (I2G) I2G:GR Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
iGO Inc (MN1N) MN1N:GR Common Stock Computers-Peripher Equip
IHI Corp (IWJ) IWJ:GR Common Stock Aerospace/Defense-Equip
IHS Inc (IG5) IG5:GR Common Stock Computer Services
II-VI Inc (II6) II6:GR Common Stock Lasers-Syst/Components
Iida Group Holdings Co Ltd (IIO) IIO:GR Common Stock Bldg-Residential/Commer
iiNET Ltd (II2) II2:GR Common Stock Web Portals/ISP
iKang Healthcare Group Inc (IK9A) IK9A:GR ADR Medical Labs&Testing Srv
Ikanos Communications Inc (I9J) I9J:GR Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG (IKB) IKB:GR Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Il Sole 24 Ore SpA (4IL) 4IL:GR Common Stock Publishing-Newspapers
ILand Green Technologies SA (1IL) 1IL:GR Common Stock Batteries/Battery Sys
ILH Group Ltd (I8B) I8B:GR Common Stock Consulting Services
Iliad Africa Ltd (I1J) I1J:GR Common Stock Bldg&Construct Prod-Misc
Iliad SA (IL2) IL2:GR Common Stock Web Portals/ISP
Ilkka-Yhtyma OYJ (ILL) ILL:GR Common Stock Publishing-Newspapers
Illinois Tool Works Inc (ILT) ILT:GR Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
Illovo Sugar Ltd (I1K) I1K:GR Common Stock Sugar
Illumina Inc (ILU) ILU:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Iluka Resources Ltd (ILZ) ILZ:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
IM Medical Ltd (M7I) M7I:GR Common Stock Heart Monitors
IM Skaugen SE (B3Q) B3Q:GR Common Stock Transport-Marine
Image Resources NL (I5R) I5R:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Image Sensing Systems Inc (IM9) IM9:GR Common Stock Electronic Measur Instr
Imageware Systems Inc (IGW) IGW:GR Common Stock Data Processing/Mgmt
Imagi International Holdings Ltd (BOI5) BOI5:GR Common Stock Motion Pictures&Services
Imaginatik PLC (IE6) IE6:GR Common Stock Decision Support Softwar
Imagination Technologies Group PLC (IGZ) IGZ:GR Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Imation Corp (IMN) IMN:GR Common Stock Computers-Memory Devices
Imax Corp (IMA) IMA:GR Common Stock Industr Audio&Video Prod
Imdex Ltd (IDG) IDG:GR Common Stock Oil Field Mach&Equip
Imerys SA (IY4) IY4:GR Common Stock Bldg&Construct Prod-Misc
IMI PLC (IMI1) IMI1:GR Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
IMI PLC (IMI3) IMI3:GR ADR Diversified Manufact Op
Immersion Corp (IMV) IMV:GR Common Stock Computers-Peripher Equip
Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione (IF8) IF8:GR REIT REITS-Diversified
IMMOFINANZ AG (IMO) IMO:GR Common Stock Real Estate Mgmnt/Servic
Immovaria Real Estate AG (IR1) IR1:GR Common Stock Real Estate Mgmnt/Servic
IMMSI SpA (IMY) IMY:GR Common Stock Motorcycle/Motor Scooter
ImmuCell Corp (IUL) IUL:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc (FZRP) FZRP:GR Common Stock Therapeutics
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd (KOL) KOL:GR Common Stock Diagnostic Equipment
Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC (LWX) LWX:GR Common Stock Diagnostic Kits
ImmunoGen Inc (IMU) IMU:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Immunomedics Inc (IM3) IM3:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Immunovaccine Inc (5IV) 5IV:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Immupharma PLC (25I) 25I:GR Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Impact Coatings AB (1IC) 1IC:GR Common Stock Metal Processors&Fabrica
Impact Minerals Ltd (IUB) IUB:GR Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Impact Silver Corp (IKL) IKL:GR Common Stock Silver Mining
Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd (IPH1) IPH1:GR ADR Platinum
Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd (IPHB) IPHB:GR Common Stock Platinum
Impax Laboratories Inc (ILR) ILR:GR Common Stock Medical-Generic Drugs
ImpediMed Ltd (39I) 39I:GR Common Stock Diagnostic Equipment
Impellam Group PLC (IMD1) IMD1:GR Common Stock Human Resources
Impera Total Return AG (IRP) IRP:GR Common Stock Private Equity
Imperial Holdings Inc (3I4) 3I4:GR Common Stock Finance-Other Services
Imperial Holdings Ltd (IUC1) IUC1:GR Common Stock Diversified Operations
Imperial Innovations Group PLC (N8R) N8R:GR Common Stock Venture Capital
Imperial Metals Corp (L7D) L7D:GR Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Imperial Oil Ltd (IMP) IMP:GR Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Imperial Tobacco Group PLC (ITB) ITB:GR Common Stock Tobacco
Imperial Tobacco Group PLC (ITBA) ITBA:GR ADR Tobacco
Imperva Inc (45I) 45I:GR Common Stock Applications Software
Implanet SA (IM1) IM1:GR Common Stock Medical Instruments
Implenia AG (I8T) I8T:GR Common Stock Building&Construct-Misc
Impreglon SE (I3M) I3M:GR Common Stock Coatings/Paint
Impresa SGPS SA (IR9) IR9:GR Common Stock Multimedia
Impress Holdings Inc (IMB) IMB:GR Common Stock Publishing-Books
Impulsora del Desarrollo y El Empleo en America Latina SAB de CV (4GO) 4GO:GR Common Stock Diversified Operations
Imris Inc (9IM) 9IM:GR Common Stock MRI Equipment
IMS Health Holdings Inc (0I2) 0I2:GR Common Stock Medical Information Sys
IMW Immobilien SE (GARY) GARY:GR Common Stock Real Estate Mgmnt/Servic
IMX Resources Ltd (GDM) GDM:GR Common Stock Metal-Iron
INA Industrija Nafte DD (I8E) I8E:GR GDR Oil Comp-Integrated
INAPA - Investimentos Participacoes e Gestao SA (IPB) IPB:GR Common Stock Paper&Related Products
Incap OYJ (I8J) I8J:GR Common Stock Electronic Design Automa
Inception Mining Inc (62A1) 62A1:GR Common Stock Precious Metals
Inchcape PLC (IJCA) IJCA:GR Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Incitec Pivot Ltd (I5P) I5P:GR Common Stock Agricultural Chemicals
InCity Immobilien AG (IC8) IC8:GR Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
inContact Inc (DKF) DKF:GR Common Stock Applications Software
Incyte Corp Ltd (ICY) ICY:GR Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Corp Tbk PT (IKP) IKP:GR Common Stock Paper&Related Products
Independence Energy Corp (7IE) 7IE:GR Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Independence Gold Corp (0697049D) 0697049D:GR Common Stock Gold Mining
Independence Group NL (IDZ) IDZ:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Independent Bank Corp/MI (IB6A) IB6A:GR Common Stock Commer Banks-Central US
Independent Bank Group Inc (I3B) I3B:GR Common Stock Super-Regional Banks-US
Independent Capital AG (I8CK) I8CK:GR Common Stock Diversified Finan Serv
Independent News & Media PLC (IPDC) IPDC:GR Common Stock Publishing-Newspapers
Independent Resources PLC (A3Z) A3Z:GR Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Indesit Co SpA (MRT) MRT:GR Common Stock Appliances
Index Multimedia (MKP) MKP:GR Common Stock Multimedia
India Globalization Capital Inc (IGS1) IGS1:GR Common Stock Building-Heavy Construct
India Resources Ltd (IXR) IXR:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Indiabulls Properties Investment Trust (I37A) I37A:GR Unit Real Estate Oper/Develop
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd (33I2) 33I2:GR GDR Real Estate Oper/Develop
Indico Resources Ltd (I5N) I5N:GR Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Indie Growers Association (VM0) VM0:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Indigo Exploration Inc (INE) INE:GR Common Stock Gold Mining
Indika Energy Tbk PT (I41) I41:GR Common Stock Coal
Inditex SA (IXD) IXD:GR Common Stock Retail-Apparel/Shoe
Indo Acidatama Tbk PT (IA5) IA5:GR Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Indo Mines Ltd (FZ9) FZ9:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Indo Straits Tbk PT (7IS) 7IS:GR Common Stock Transport-Marine
Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk PT (3IB) 3IB:GR Common Stock Coal
Indo-Rama Synthetics Tbk PT (59I) 59I:GR Common Stock Textile-Products
Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk PT (ITP) ITP:GR Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Indochine Mining Ltd (086) 086:GR Common Stock Diversified Minerals
Indofood Agri Resources Ltd (ZVF) ZVF:GR Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk PT (48I) 48I:GR Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk PT (ISM) ISM:GR Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Indophil Resources NL (IU5) IU5:GR Common Stock Gold Mining
Indosat Tbk PT (IDO1) IDO1:GR Common Stock Telecom Services
Indra Sistemas SA (IDA) IDA:GR Common Stock Computer Services
Indus Gas Ltd (59Q) 59Q:GR Common Stock Oil Comp-Explor&Prodtn
Indus Holding AG (INH) INH:GR Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
Industria Macchine Automatiche SpA (12M) 12M:GR Common Stock Mach Tools&Rel Products
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd (ICK) ICK:GR Common Stock Commer Banks Non-US
Industrial & Financial Systems (IIFB) IIFB:GR Common Stock Enterprise Software/Serv
Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial Services Inc (3I7) 3I7:GR Common Stock Life/Health Insurance
Industrial Milk Co (IM4) IM4:GR Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Industrial Services of America Inc (II3) II3:GR Common Stock Recycling
Industrial Stars of Italy SpA (ID4A) ID4A:GR Common Stock Specified Purpose Acquis
Industrias CH SAB de CV (AKQ) AKQ:GR Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
Industrias Penoles SAB de CV (4FO) 4FO:GR Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Industrivarden AB (IDVA) IDVA:GR Common Stock Diversified Operations
Indutrade AB (I1M) I1M:GR Common Stock Diversified Manufact Op
Ines Corp (IE7) IE7:GR Common Stock Computer Services
Infas Holding AG (IFS) IFS:GR Common Stock Advertising Services
Inficon Holding AG (IFZ) IFZ:GR Common Stock Machinery-Pumps
Infineon Technologies AG (IFX) IFX:GR Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Infineon Technologies AG (IFXA) IFXA:GR ADR Electronic Compo-Semicon
Infinera Corp (IX6) IX6:GR Common Stock Networking Products
Infinis Energy Plc (IF0) IF0:GR Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Infinito Gold Ltd (VVT) VVT:GR Common Stock Gold Mining
Infinity Chemical Holdings Co Ltd (07F) 07F:GR Common Stock Chemicals-Other
Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc (I3F) I3F:GR Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Infinity Property & Casualty Corp (IPW) IPW:GR Common Stock Property/Casualty Ins
Infoblox Inc (2IB) 2IB:GR Common Stock Applications Software
Inform P Lykos SA (IPL) IPL:GR Common Stock Printing-Commercial
Informa PLC (2IF) 2IF:GR Common Stock Multimedia
Informatica Corp (INZ) INZ:GR Common Stock Enterprise Software/Serv
Information Services International-Dentsu Ltd (ISW) ISW:GR Common Stock Computers-Integrated Sys
Information Services Group Inc (ZZG) ZZG:GR Common Stock Consulting Services
Informes y Proyectos SA (IRG) IRG:GR Common Stock Engineering/R&D Services
Informica Real Invest AG (IDE) IDE:GR Common Stock Real Estate Mgmnt/Servic
Infosonics Corp (IOU) IOU:GR Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Infosys Ltd (IOY) IOY:GR ADR Computer Services
Infraestructura Energetica Nova SAB de CV (2IE) 2IE:GR Common Stock Electric-Distribution
Infrastrata PLC (4PD) 4PD:GR Common Stock Oil-Field Services