Companies listed in China

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TONTEC Technology Investment Group Co Ltd (600862) 600862:CH Common Stock Mach Tools&Rel Products
TOP Energy Co Ltd-A (600780) 600780:CH Common Stock Electric-Generation
Top Resource Conservation Engineering Co Ltd (300332) 300332:CH Common Stock Energy-Alternate Sources
Topchoice Medical Investment Corp (600763) 600763:CH Common Stock Medical-Outptnt/Home Med
Toyou Feiji Electronics Co Ltd (300302) 300302:CH Common Stock Computer Graphics
Truking Technology Ltd (300358) 300358:CH Common Stock Medical Products
Tsann Kuen China Enterprise Co Ltd (200512) 200512:CH Common Stock Appliances
Tsinghua Tongfang Co Ltd (600100) 600100:CH Common Stock Computers-Integrated Sys
Tsinghua Unisplendour Co Ltd (000938) 000938:CH Common Stock Electronic Parts Distrib
Tsingtao Brewery Co Ltd (600600) 600600:CH Common Stock Brewery
Tungkong Inc (002117) 002117:CH Common Stock Containers-Paper/Plastic
Unilumin Group Co Ltd (300232) 300232:CH Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
Unisplendour Guhan Group Co Ltd (000590) 000590:CH Common Stock Therapeutics
United Electronics Co Ltd (002642) 002642:CH Common Stock Computer Services
United Mechanical & Electrical Co Ltd (000925) 000925:CH Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
Universal Scientific Industrial Shanghai Co Ltd (601231) 601231:CH Common Stock Communications Software
Uroica Mining Safety Engineering Co Ltd (300099) 300099:CH Common Stock Machinery-Constr&Mining
V V Food & Beverage Co Ltd (600300) 600300:CH Common Stock Food-Dairy Products
Vanfund Urban Investment & Development Co Ltd (000638) 000638:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Vatti Corp Ltd (002035) 002035:CH Common Stock Appliances
Vtron Technologies Ltd (002308) 002308:CH Common Stock Audio/Video Products
Wafangdian Bearing Co Ltd (200706) 200706:CH Common Stock Metal Processors&Fabrica
Walvax Biotechnology Co Ltd (300142) 300142:CH Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Wanfu Biotechnology Hunan Agricultural Development Co Ltd (300268) 300268:CH Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Wangsu Science & Technology Co Ltd (300017) 300017:CH Common Stock E-Services/Consulting
Wanhua Chemical Group Co Ltd (600309) 600309:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Other
Wanxiang Doneed Co Ltd (600371) 600371:CH Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Wanxiang Qianchao Co Ltd (000559) 000559:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Wasu Media Holding Co Ltd (000156) 000156:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Plastics
Wedge Industrial Co Ltd (000534) 000534:CH Common Stock Electric-Generation
Weichai Heavy Machinery Co Ltd (000880) 000880:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Weichai Power Co Ltd (000338) 000338:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Repl
Weifang Beida Jade Bird Huaguang Technology Co Ltd (600076) 600076:CH Common Stock Telecommunication Equip
Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co Ltd (600319) 600319:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Other
Weifu High-Technology Group Co Ltd (200581) 200581:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Weifu High-Technology Group Co Ltd (000581) 000581:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Co Ltd (002111) 002111:CH Common Stock Industrial Automat/Robot
Weihai Huadong Automation Co Ltd (002248) 002248:CH Common Stock Mach Tools&Rel Products
Wenfeng Great World Chain Development Corp (601010) 601010:CH Common Stock Retail-Regnl Dept Store
Wenzhou Hongfeng Electrical Alloy Co Ltd (300283) 300283:CH Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Western Metal Materials Co Ltd (002149) 002149:CH Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Western Mining Co Ltd (601168) 601168:CH Common Stock Metal-Diversified
Western Securities Co Ltd (002673) 002673:CH Common Stock Finance-Invest Bnkr/Brkr
Westone Information Industry Inc (002268) 002268:CH Common Stock Electronic Secur Devices
Winall Hi-Tech Seed Co Ltd (300087) 300087:CH Common Stock Agricultural Biotech
Winowner Group Co Ltd (600681) 600681:CH Common Stock Printing-Commercial
Winsan Shanghai Industrial Corp Ltd (600767) 600767:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Wintime Energy Co Ltd (600157) 600157:CH Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Wiscom System Co Ltd (002090) 002090:CH Common Stock Computer Software
Wisesoft Co Ltd (002253) 002253:CH Common Stock Enterprise Software/Serv
Wolong Electric Group Co Ltd (600580) 600580:CH Common Stock Machinery-Electrical
Wolong Real Estate Group Co Ltd (600173) 600173:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Wonders Information Co Ltd (300168) 300168:CH Common Stock Computer Software
Wuhan Boiler Co (200770) 200770:CH Common Stock Machinery-Therml Process
Wuhan Department Store Group Co Ltd (000501) 000501:CH Common Stock Retail-Regnl Dept Store
Wuhan Double Co Ltd (600136) 600136:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Wuhan East Lake High Technology Group Co Ltd (600133) 600133:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Wuhan Fingu Electronic Technology Co Ltd (002194) 002194:CH Common Stock Cellular Telecom
Wuhan Golden Laser Co Ltd (300220) 300220:CH Common Stock Lasers-Syst/Components
Wuhan Guide Infrared Co Ltd (002414) 002414:CH Common Stock Optical Recognition Equi
Wuhan Hanshang Group Co (600774) 600774:CH Common Stock Retail-Regnl Dept Store
Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co Ltd (300161) 300161:CH Common Stock Advanced Materials/Prd
Wuhan Iron & Steel Co Ltd (600005) 600005:CH Common Stock Steel-Producers
Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd (600976) 600976:CH Common Stock Therapeutics
Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Co Ltd (000939) 000939:CH Common Stock Environ Consulting&Eng
Wuhan Langold Real Estate Co Ltd (002305) 002305:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Wuhan National Pharmaceutical Technology Co Ltd (600421) 600421:CH Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Wuhan P&S Information Technology Co Ltd (300184) 300184:CH Common Stock Retail-Consumer Electron
Wuhan Sante Cableways Group Co Ltd (002159) 002159:CH Common Stock Travel Services
Wuhan Sanzhen Industry Holding Co Ltd (600168) 600168:CH Common Stock Water
Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co Ltd (300205) 300205:CH Common Stock Computer Graphics
Wuhan Xianglong Power Industry Co Ltd (600769) 600769:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Plastics
Wuhan Yangtze Communications Industry Group Co Ltd (600345) 600345:CH Common Stock Telecommunication Equip
Wuhan Zhongnan Commercial Group (000785) 000785:CH Common Stock Retail-Misc/Diversified
Wuhan Zhongyuan Huadian Science & Technology Co Ltd (300018) 300018:CH Common Stock Electric Products-Misc
Wuhu Conch Profiles and Science Co Ltd (000619) 000619:CH Common Stock Bldg&Construct Prod-Misc
Wuhu Port Storage & Transportation Co Ltd (600575) 600575:CH Common Stock Whsing&Harbor Trans Serv
Wuhu Shunrong Auto Parts Co Ltd (002555) 002555:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Wuhu Token Science Co Ltd (300088) 300088:CH Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
Wuhu Yaxia Automobile Corp (002607) 002607:CH Common Stock Retail-Automobile
Wuliangye Yibin Co Ltd (000858) 000858:CH Common Stock Beverages-Wine/Spirits
WUS Printed Circuit Kunshan Co Ltd (002463) 002463:CH Common Stock Circuit Boards
Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industry Co Ltd (002455) 002455:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Diversified
Wuxi Boton Belt Co Ltd (300031) 300031:CH Common Stock Machinery-Material Handl
Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co Ltd (600327) 600327:CH Common Stock Retail-Regnl Dept Store
Wuxi Double Elephant Micro Fibre Material Co Ltd (002395) 002395:CH Common Stock Textile-Products
Wuxi Hodgen Technology Co Ltd (300279) 300279:CH Common Stock Instruments-Controls
Wuxi Huadong Heavy Machinery Co Ltd (002685) 002685:CH Common Stock Machinery-Constr&Mining
Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co Ltd (600475) 600475:CH Common Stock Machinery-Therml Process
Wuxi Little Swan Co Ltd (000418) 000418:CH Common Stock Appliances
Wuxi Little Swan Co Ltd (200418) 200418:CH Common Stock Appliances
Wuxi Taiji Industry Co Ltd (600667) 600667:CH Common Stock Textile-Apparel
XCMG Construction Machinery Co Ltd (000425) 000425:CH Common Stock Machinery-Constr&Mining
Xi' An Aero-Engine PLC (600893) 600893:CH Common Stock Aerospace/Defense-Equip
Xi'an But'one Information Corp (600455) 600455:CH Common Stock Schools
Xi'an Catering Co Ltd (000721) 000721:CH Common Stock Retail-Restaurants
Xi'an Dagang Road Machinery Co Ltd (300103) 300103:CH Common Stock Machinery-Constr&Mining
Xi'An Hongsheng Technology Co Ltd (600817) 600817:CH Common Stock Hotels&Motels
Xi'An Longi Silicon Materials Co Ltd (601012) 601012:CH Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Xi'an Minsheng Group Co Ltd (000564) 000564:CH Common Stock Retail-Regnl Dept Store
Xi'an Qiyuan Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co Ltd (300140) 300140:CH Common Stock Electric Products-Misc
Xi'an Qujiang Cultural Tourism Co Ltd (600706) 600706:CH Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Xi'An Shaangu Power Co Ltd (601369) 601369:CH Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
Xi'an Tourism Co Ltd (000610) 000610:CH Common Stock Hotels&Motels
Xi'an Typical Industries Co Ltd (600302) 600302:CH Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
Xiake Color Spinning Co Ltd (002015) 002015:CH Common Stock Textile-Products
Xiamen Technology Co Ltd (300051) 300051:CH Common Stock Internet Infrastr Sftwr
Xiamen Academy of Building Research Group Co Ltd (002398) 002398:CH Common Stock Engineering/R&D Services
Xiamen Anne Corp Ltd (002235) 002235:CH Common Stock Paper&Related Products
Xiamen C & D Inc (600153) 600153:CH Common Stock Import/Export
Xiamen Changelight Co Ltd (300102) 300102:CH Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Xiamen Comfort Science & Technology Group Co Ltd (002614) 002614:CH Common Stock Retail-Home Furnishings
Xiamen Dazhou Xingye Resources Holdings Co Ltd (600603) 600603:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Xiamen Faratronic Co Ltd (600563) 600563:CH Common Stock Capacitors
Xiamen Hexing Packaging Printing Co Ltd (002228) 002228:CH Common Stock Containers-Paper/Plastic
Xiamen Insight Investment Co Ltd (000526) 000526:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Xiamen International Airport Co Ltd (600897) 600897:CH Common Stock Airport Develop/Maint
Xiamen ITG Group Corp Ltd (600755) 600755:CH Common Stock Import/Export
Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co Ltd (002335) 002335:CH Common Stock Power Conv/Supply Equip
Xiamen King Long Motor Group Co Ltd (600686) 600686:CH Common Stock Auto-Med&Heavy Duty Trks
Xiamen Kingdomway Group Co (002626) 002626:CH Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co Ltd (300188) 300188:CH Common Stock Electronic Secur Devices
Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co Ltd (600870) 600870:CH Common Stock Audio/Video Products
Xiamen Port Development Co Ltd (000905) 000905:CH Common Stock Whsing&Harbor Trans Serv
Xiamen Savings Environmental Co Ltd (300056) 300056:CH Common Stock Air Pollution Control Eq
Xiamen Sunrise Wheel Group Co Ltd (002593) 002593:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Xiamen Tungsten Co Ltd (600549) 600549:CH Common Stock Non-Ferrous Metals
Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co Ltd (600815) 600815:CH Common Stock Machinery-Constr&Mining
Xiamen Xindeco Co Ltd (000701) 000701:CH Common Stock Distribution/Wholesale
Xian Kaiyuan Investment Group Co Ltd (000516) 000516:CH Common Stock Retail-Regnl Dept Store
Xiandai Investment Co Ltd (000900) 000900:CH Common Stock Public Thoroughfares
Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd (600416) 600416:CH Common Stock Power Conv/Supply Equip
Xiangtan Electrochemical Scientific Co Ltd (002125) 002125:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Specialty
Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (300147) 300147:CH Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Xiangyang Automobile Bear-A (000678) 000678:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Xibei Bearing Co (000595) 000595:CH Common Stock Metal Processors&Fabrica
Xilinmen Furniture Co Ltd (603008) 603008:CH Common Stock Home Furnishings
Xilong Chemical Co Ltd (002584) 002584:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Diversified
Xingye Leather Technology Co Ltd (002674) 002674:CH Common Stock Tannery
Xinhu Zhongbao Co Ltd (600208) 600208:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Xining Special Steel Co (600117) 600117:CH Common Stock Steel-Specialty
Xinjiang Ba Yi Iron & Steel Co Ltd (600581) 600581:CH Common Stock Steel-Producers
Xinjiang Bai Hua Cun Co Ltd (600721) 600721:CH Common Stock Diversified Operations
Xinjiang Beixin Road & Bridge Group Co Ltd (002307) 002307:CH Common Stock Building-Heavy Construct
Xinjiang Chalkis Co Ltd (000972) 000972:CH Common Stock Diversified Operations
Xinjiang Dushanzi Tianli High & New Tech Co Ltd (600339) 600339:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Plastics
Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co Ltd (002202) 002202:CH Common Stock Power Conv/Supply Equip
Xinjiang Guannong Fruit & Antler Group Co Ltd (600251) 600251:CH Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Xinjiang Guotong Pipeline Co Ltd (002205) 002205:CH Common Stock Bldg&Construct Prod-Misc
Xinjiang Haoyuan Gas Co Ltd (002700) 002700:CH Common Stock Gas-Distribution
Xinjiang Hops Co Ltd (600090) 600090:CH Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Xinjiang International Industry Co Ltd (000159) 000159:CH Common Stock Coal
Xinjiang Joinworld Co Ltd (600888) 600888:CH Common Stock Metal-Aluminum
Xinjiang Korla Pear Co Ltd (600506) 600506:CH Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute Co Ltd (300159) 300159:CH Common Stock Machinery-Farm
Xinjiang Qingsong Building Materials and Chemicals Group Co Ltd (600425) 600425:CH Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Xinjiang Sailimu Modern Agriculture Co Ltd (600540) 600540:CH Common Stock Agricultural Biotech
Xinjiang Talimu Agriculture Development Co Ltd (600359) 600359:CH Common Stock Agricultural Operations
Xinjiang Tecon Animal Husbandry Bio-Technology Co Ltd (002100) 002100:CH Common Stock Pastoral&Agricultural
Xinjiang Tianfu Thermoelectric Co Ltd (600509) 600509:CH Common Stock Electric-Integrated
Xinjiang Tianrun Dairy Co Ltd (600419) 600419:CH Common Stock Inactive/Unknown
Xinjiang Tianshan Cement Co Ltd (000877) 000877:CH Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Xinjiang Tianshan Wool Tex Stock Co Ltd (000813) 000813:CH Common Stock Apparel Manufacturers
Xinjiang Tianye Co Ltd (600075) 600075:CH Common Stock Diversified Operations
Xinjiang Tiashan Animal Husbandry Bio-Engineering Co Ltd (300313) 300313:CH Common Stock Bloodstock Services
Xinjiang Urban Construction Group Co Ltd (600545) 600545:CH Common Stock Building-Heavy Construct
Xinjiang Western Animal Husbandry Co Ltd (300106) 300106:CH Common Stock Food-Dairy Products
Xinjiang Yilite Industry Co Ltd (600197) 600197:CH Common Stock Beverages-Wine/Spirits
Xinjiang Youhao Group Co Ltd (600778) 600778:CH Common Stock Retail-Regnl Dept Store
Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co Ltd (002092) 002092:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Specialty
Xinjiang Zhundong Petroleum Technology Co Ltd (002207) 002207:CH Common Stock Oil Comp-Integrated
Xinlong Holding Group Co Ltd (000955) 000955:CH Common Stock Textile-Products
Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co Ltd (000949) 000949:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Fibers
Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes (000778) 000778:CH Common Stock Steel Pipe&Tube
Xinyu Iron & Steel Co Ltd (600782) 600782:CH Common Stock Steel-Specialty
Xinzhi Motor Co Ltd (002664) 002664:CH Common Stock Power Conv/Supply Equip
Xishui Strong Year Co Ltd Inner Mongolia (600291) 600291:CH Common Stock Bldg Prod-Cement/Aggreg
Xiwang Foodstuffs Co Ltd (000639) 000639:CH Common Stock Food-Misc/Diversified
Xizang Haisco Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd (002653) 002653:CH Common Stock Medical-Drugs
XJ Electric Co Ltd (000400) 000400:CH Common Stock Power Conv/Supply Equip
Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co Ltd (000923) 000923:CH Common Stock Machinery-Constr&Mining
Xuchang Yuandong Drive Shaft Co Ltd (002406) 002406:CH Common Stock Auto/Trk Prts&Equip-Orig
Xuzhou Combustion Control Technology Co Ltd (300152) 300152:CH Common Stock Electronic Compo-Misc
Xuzhou Handler Special Vehicle Co Ltd (300201) 300201:CH Common Stock Industrial Automat/Robot
Yabao Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd (600351) 600351:CH Common Stock Medical-Drugs
Yahgee Modular House Co Ltd (002314) 002314:CH Common Stock Bldg-Mobil Home/Mfd Hous
Yanbian Shixian Bailu Papermaking Co Ltd (600462) 600462:CH Common Stock Paper&Related Products
Yang Quan Coal Industry Group Co Ltd (600348) 600348:CH Common Stock Coal
Yangguang Co Ltd (000608) 000608:CH Common Stock Real Estate Oper/Develop
Yangmei Chemical Co Ltd (600691) 600691:CH Common Stock Chemicals-Other
Yangzhou Yangjie Electronics Technology Co Ltd (300373) 300373:CH Common Stock Electronic Compo-Semicon
Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co Ltd (600213) 600213:CH Common Stock Auto-Med&Heavy Duty Trks
Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co Ltd (200869) 200869:CH Common Stock Beverages-Wine/Spirits
Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co Ltd (000869) 000869:CH Common Stock Beverages-Wine/Spirits
Yantai Dongcheng Biochemicals Co Ltd (002675) 002675:CH Common Stock Medical-Biomedical/Gene
Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co Ltd (002353) 002353:CH Common Stock Oil Field Mach&Equip
Yantai Longyuan Power Technology Co Ltd (300105) 300105:CH Common Stock Electric-Transmission
Yantai Moon Co Ltd (000811) 000811:CH Common Stock Machinery-General Indust
YanTai Shuangta Food Co Ltd (002481) 002481:CH Common Stock Food-Flour&Grain
Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co Ltd (002254) 002254:CH Common Stock Textile-Products