Enterprise Data Management

Many financial firms meet customer needs by fueling workflows with a complex and unique mix of data from vendors, internal departments, manual collection, websites and many other sources. While the advantages of this are clear, keeping everything running smoothly is extremely taxing. This constant challenge lead to the creation of Bloomberg PolarLake.


From feed-handlers to field mapping to downstream application integration, operational issues are only increasing as data volumes grow. Unfortunately, current enterprise data management (EDM) solutions are often too rigid to accommodate nuanced workflows, difficult to implement and require large, expensive support teams.

A managed and highly scalable EDM service

Bloomberg PolarLake is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Bloomberg dedicated to a new generation of EDM solutions. Bloomberg PolarLake offers a specialized approach to EDM that combines vendor data on-boarding, internal data integration, client-specific rules and the application of sophisticated operational intelligence throughout the data supply chain.

The result is a managed and highly scalable EDM service that aligns easily with complex data acquisition, processing and distribution needs. With Bloomberg PolarLake, firms can deliver complex configurations of high-quality financial data across the enterprise and around the world with outstanding speed, cost-efficiency, confidentiality and transparency.

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