Every firm’s workflow is different. Each one requires a unique mix of conventional, customized and one-of-a-kind systems from a variety of providers. Bloomberg understands this and is dedicated to integrating our Enterprise Solutions with as many other systems and tools as possible. This is why we created the App Portal.

App Portal

With the App Portal, independent software vendors (ISVs) build a partnership with Bloomberg. We host the app and manage the entire operational infrastructure, including connectivity and billing. ISVs simply provide the code, and Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions does the rest.

Developers gain the ability to showcase their thinking to thousands of subscribers

This joint go-to-market approach can pay big dividends for innovative developers who gain the ability to showcase their thinking to thousands of Bloomberg Professional® service subscribers. For subscribers, the App Portal provides instant access to a growing list of specialized tools, insightful analytics and other valuable capabilities.

Apps can be developed by traditional ISVs as well as financial institutions, academics and others. While many apps will enhance the experience of Bloomberg subscribers, firms can also use our infrastructure to distribute proprietary apps to global teams in an easier, more reliable way. Firms can also build apps and market them directly to clients through the Bloomberg Professional service. Opportunities for app development, sales and sharing are virtually unlimited.


Thousands of financial professionals rely on the Bloomberg Professional® service for real-time data, news and analytics. Routine daily workflows, however, often involve many other tools, including proprietary applications for order management, execution, analytics, pricing and risk, as well as customized spreadsheets.

Unfortunately, these workflows quickly become inefficient when users have to enter the same details from proprietary tools into the Bloomberg terminal. Repetitive data entry adds minutes to each transaction and slows down execution.

Terminal Connect links proprietary tools and spreadsheets with the Bloomberg Professional® Service.