To keep workflow running smoothly, middle and back office professionals need access to the same real-time data as front-office users. And they need to consume it in a variety of desktop and server-based applications. Traditionally, this requires firms to set up separate feeds, through separate platforms, and pay separate fees. Bloomberg offers a better way.


Bloomberg B-PIPE is a normalized and consolidated real-time market data feed that can be distributed throughout the enterprise. It provides complete coverage of all the same asset classes that Bloomberg Professional® service subscribers enjoy. And the real-time data can be pulled into a wide variety of applications from Bloomberg and other providers, as well as internal proprietary and non-display (black box) applications. The benefits of this approach are considerable:

  • Consistency: Subscribers and non-subscribers see the same data from the exact same source
  • Speed: Connectivity to local ticker plants worldwide ensures fast, low-latency delivery
  • Affordability: One real-time data stream eliminates the need for redundant platforms and fees
  • Flexibility: Stream real-time data through our Platform or other existing channels
  • Service: For fully managed solutions, the Bloomberg Operations team offers 24/7 support


Exclusive to Bloomberg Anywhere® (BBA) users, the Bloomberg Server API (SAPI) is a robust application programming interface that makes it easy for firms to power multi-user applications with real-time market data, reference data and calculation capabilities from Bloomberg.

  • Gain access to market data, user data and analytics across all asset classes
  • Ensure the right users receive authorized data with integration to BBA entitlements
  • Manipulate Bloomberg data within proprietary and registered third-party applications
  • Monitor connection points and data usage
  • Deploy SAPI on existing hardware assets
  • Protect integrity with encrypted connections and mutually authenticated SSL sessions
  • Choose from multiple programming languages: C, C++, .NET (C#, VB.NET), .COM, Java


Combined with the Bloomberg Data Distribution Platform, B-PIPE and SAPI are available as managed services. That means we house and handle all the hardware required to distribute the data across your enterprise. We provide the connectivity, upgrades, server tuning and more. Yet firms maintain complete visibility into the system through our monitoring and entitlement tools.


Firms can use B-PIPE and SAPI to redefine the way real-time exchange and OTC market data gets consumed by enterprise users:

  • Pulling real-time data directly into third-party applications helps reduce access charges and may eliminate duplicate exchange fees
  • Eliminating parallel third-party distribution platforms sharply reduces any firm’s hardware footprint as well as the operational and support costs of infrastructure management
  • Consolidating real-time feeds with a single, reliable provider dramatically reduces the risk of issues related to disputed prices, terms and conditions and P&Ls