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Event-Driven Feeds

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Data quality is critical to nourishing predetermined strategies, whether your key to generating alpha is incorporating breaking news events into investment strategies or processing huge volumes of market-moving data in a systematic way.

Bloomberg Event-Driven Feeds balance speed and precision to enable more effective coordination and execution of your trading strategies. Each feed is highly structured and specifically designed to deliver real-time, machine-readable data—including breaking headlines, exclusive global coverage, structured financial data, news analytics and global economic indicators—for black box applications.


Textual News

Textual News aggregates breaking news from 151 Bloomberg bureaus worldwide generating 10,000+ headlines and stories daily, plus other valuable third-party sources, including web and social media content. This information is paired with valuable metadata covering companies, topics and people.

News Analytics

News Analytics delivers an informative second layer of processing for our industry-leading textual news feed at both the story and company levels. These analytics include sentiment analysis, novelty scores, readership heat, social velocity and more.

Global Macro Economic Indicators (ECO)

Global Macroeconomic Indicators (ECO) provides timely, accurate, and comprehensive global coverage for economic, central bank, and industry datasets.

Corporate Events Calendar (EVTS)

Corporate Events Calendar (EVTS) delivers 300,000 event notifications from more than 48,000 companies in 100-plus countries,
including earnings release dates, sales results, and shareholder and board meeting information.

Timely and accurate calendar data from the Bloomberg Professional® service Event dates are predicted up to one year in advance.

Corporate Actions Calendar (CACS)

Corporate Actions Calendar (CACS) covers 50 unique corporate-action types on millions of instruments, providing unsurpassed insight into spin-offs, bankruptcies, and class-action events, as well as breaking news on dividends, splits, IPOs and acquisitions.


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