News 13 June 2015

Great business stories are built on substance. With trusted data, customizable content, unrivaled service and in-depth understanding of broadcast technologies — we deliver everything you need to captivate your audience. Increase your relevance by using the first source for business news, photos, videos and data.

Bloomberg News
Give your newsroom the tools to produce deep, accurate stories and feed your ticker with the news that matters before anyone else.

Bloomberg Photos
From breaking news to today’s important events and business leaders, deliver business and financial images that add dimension to your story. Enhance your coverage when you want more than B-roll or archival footage.

Bloomberg Video
Turn to Bloomberg for breaking business news, headlines and interviews, coverage of commodities and emerging trends, as well as skylines, time-lapse clips, product shots and more.

Bloomberg Data
Data feeds ready to be integrated with industry-leading newsroom systems, ensuring seamless implementation.

Bloomberg Content Service

Deliver more than just headlines. The Bloomberg Content Service is the world’s leading provider of business content to broadcasters, publishers and other companies. We provide business and financial news, photos, videos and data to more than 1,000 media outlets in 60+ countries.

Let the Bloomberg Content Service be your first source for timely, global visual content, and help you create complete and compelling stories for your audience using Bloomberg, news, photos, videos and data.

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