The Real Cost of Scuba Diving

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-07-11T17:26:19Z

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Regulators, Buoyancy Compensators

Regulators and buoyancy compensators can be rented, and the dive center will help you choose the best models. If you plan to dive frequently, it will be more economical to purchase your own.

$695: Aqua Lung Black Diamond Buoyancy Compensator --
$995: Legend LUX Regulator --
$46: Legend Regulator Bag --
$355: WTX Harness to hold tanks (which you'll likely rent) and equipment. The harness is usually for more advanced divers --
$565: WTX6R Buoyancy Cell protects against movement in the water from currents --
$250: WXTX50 Octopus, an emergency air source just in case your diving partner has an air supply problem --
$5: Airsource Adapter Ring --

Running Tally: $9,946