The Real Cost of Sleepaway Camp

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-06-15T18:11:12Z

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Snail Mail

Your child won't have ipads and iphones to send you e-mails, so load her up with stationery, pre-stamped envelopes and a disposable camera. Chances are, you'll do more of the writing so you'll need stationery too. Barbara Bailey tells of well-intentioned mothers who send a greeting card every single day.

$16: Notecards for your camper to use --
$28: 2 Animails, $10 each, for you to mail to your child. Just write on it, add $4 postage and mail it --
$45: Cards for you to send to your camper (including postage) --
$24: Personalized clipboard to make writing easier --

Running tally: $14,865