The Real Cost of Becoming an Oenophile

By Judith Sjo-Gaber - 2011-12-08T16:39:51Z

Photograph courtesy of Crate & Barrel

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At first, a good set of crystal glasses is really all that you need, says Nick Spidalieri. "Along the way, you can add some accessories that can be useful, especially for serving wine."

$108: Four Swoon Carafes, handmade glass from Poland with angle-cut rim -- Crate & Barrel

$115: Shatterproof, reusable, recyclable wine glasses without stems, for picnics and patio use. Box of 36 glasses, 16 oz. -- Govino

$27: Marble Wine Cooler -- Crate & Barrel

$50: Wilton Armetale Olive Wine Bottle Coaster, two coasters crafted from metal alloys -- Bed, Bath & Beyond

Running tally: $5,085