The Real Cost of a Designer-Decorated Holiday

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2012-12-13T14:54:24Z

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Wreaths Everywhere

With all the trees, lights and garlands, wreaths may seem unnecessary. Not for Paula Deen. Brandon Branch puts together about 24 wreaths for Deen's property. All are made from boxwood garland, and he adds red burlap ribbon. "Here in the South, the wreath on the door tells you its Christmas before you get inside the house and see the tree," says Branch. "It's got to be grand." Just so there's no mistaking the holiday, at Deen's home, the biggest wreaths are about 3 feet in diameter and are hung on the entrance gates, the guest cottages, on mirrors and doors. They are not expensive since the materials all come from Deen's yard. Expect to spend about $4 per foot for the boxwood garland if you make your own.

$288: Estimated cost for 24 wreaths at $4 per foot of boxwood garland -- Brandon Branch