The Real Cost of Completing a Triathlon

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2012-11-10T23:16:07Z

Photograph by Rich Lam/ITU via Getty Images

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Biking Accessories

A Web search brings up dozens of bike accessories, but think twice. It seems like a good idea to buy a bike light, but experienced triathletes know that events are held after sunrise, so you don't really need one. Others invest in expensive hydration systems that connect to a vest you wear, but they can slow you down and aren't as necessary, especially during shorter triathlons. If you have a road bike, you do need bar end plugs that stop up the open ends of the handlebars. They can prevent injury in an accident -- you can't race without them.

$5: Two replacement bar end plugs for the handlebars -- Elevation Cycles
$26: Water bottle and nylon cage -- Elevation Cycles
$17: Bicycle stem bag for food or accessory storage -- (for longer races)
$40: Tifosi Q2 Metallic Silver Sunglasses --

Running Tally: $4,274