Real Cost of Gourmet Cooking Classes

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-09-10T17:51:43Z

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Sushi for Kids

Getting kids to eat veggies, or sometimes anything besides chicken tenders or macaroni and cheese, can be a challenge. If they're the ones making the food, though, they are more likely to find it fun and at least try it -- even if it does contain vegetables. Plus, cooking helps them broaden their palates and learn new techniques while being creative. At the Sushi for Kids class in New York City, Japanese chef Hideo Yamada teaches children age 7 to 11 (with parents watching) how to make vegetarian sushi, including Dragon Rolls, Colorful Rolls, Carob Mousse and Hand Rolls.

$135: Fee covers one adult and one child, three-hour class -- Rock-n-Roll Vegetarian Sushi for Kids at the Natural Gourmet Institute