The Real Cost of a Saltwater Aquarium

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-08-22T16:10:13Z

Photograph by Ric Frazier/Gallery Stock

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Used to be that hobbyists would add coral to the tank and make sure the fluorescent lighting and current were adequate. No longer. With the increased use of different types of lighting and a wider variety of coral species being used in tanks, there are new concerns, such as aggression between different types of coral. (And they seemed so nice.) Consult with your aquarium supplier on sequence and the timing for when you add different coral.

$65: Sinularia Leather Coral
$375: Acanthastrea Lordhowensis
$150: Orange-eye Favia
$175: Branching Green Hammer Coral
$150: Bleeding Apple Scolymia
$200: Wellsophyllia Brain Coral
$250: Blue-Eye Lobophyllia Brain Coral
$70: Orange Cycloseris Plate Coral
$80: Dendrophyllia/Tubastrea (nonphotosynthetic)
$80: Green Slimer Acropora
$80: Red Planet Acropora
$200: Orange Capricornis Montipora
$100: Micromussa
$130: Seriatopora (Birdsnest Coral)
$50: Stylophora
$125: Pulsing Xenia

Running Tally: $7,359

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