The Real Cost of Scuba Diving

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-07-11T17:26:19Z

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Masks, Fins, Snorkels

There's nothing better than having your own, well-fitting equipment -- especially if your mask needs prescription lenses. Most dive centers require students to buy their own masks, fins and snorkels. The gear you need varies depending on many factors, including your skills and where you are diving. Here are some items to consider.

$50: Mesh duffle bag to carry everything --
$100: Micromask --
$50: Impulse Dry Flex Snorkel --
$90: Express Fins --
$250: Body Glove Fusion Wetsuit --
$28: Thermocline Glove 5mm --
$45: Superzip Ergo Boot --

Running Tally: $7,035