The Real Cost of a Divorce

By Carla Fried - 2013-11-25T13:43:42Z

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Assess Earnings Potential

Landers, who represents divorcing women, also works on cases that require a vocational specialist to ascertain the future earnings potential of a spouse who’s been out of the workforce. “My client may be seeking alimony, and her husband is assuming she’ll be able to go back to work soon,” he says. The expert -- sometimes two are hired by opposing parties -- assesses the skills of the person under the microscope, the time and cost to bring those skills up to speed and their earnings potential in the local market. An hourly fee of $150 to $200 or more is likely. “If you end up needing half a dozen experts, you can see how high-net-worth individuals can end up spending $100,000 or more on a divorce,” says Landers.