The Real Cost of Making Your Own Wine

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2013-02-09T19:04:50Z

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The Big Debut

When it's time to drink, first impressions count. Rex and Barbara have travelled to Napa, where vineyards sometimes sell used bottles from their tasting rooms at discounted rates. When Taybi takes a bottle of wine to a party, he's not embarrassed to take the empty bottle back home with him. Besides lowering his costs and being good for the environment, taking them back ensures his bottles always match.

$108: 750 ml green wine bottles, for nine cases --
$57: Bottle cleaner and drying rack for up to 90 bottles --
$45: #9 first-grade straight corks, 100 corks --
$70: Floor corker to compress corks to place in the bottles --

$2,817: Running Tally